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Yes, Weapon is a game. Here is my guide.

Weapon is a tough game I see many people have trouble with, follow these steps, and you could best it.

Personally I've gotten to Level 38.


1. Start out with the Kimber, it deals the most damage of the starting pistols.

2. Buy the secondary pouch before you start the mission. You will need it.

3. Buy the Primary pouch, heavy belt, and light vest in that order when you can afford them ( Medium and Heavy Vest's are not needed).

4. When you can afford the UMP submachine gun, get it! It is the best SMG. Get the Grip and Reflex Sight (the other sights are not as precise). Feel free to get other attachments if you wish (not recommended).

5. When you have enough money, get the AK-47 assault rifle. It is the best assault rifle, the rest are more expensive, but not as good despite their higher prices. Purchase the Grip, Sling, and Reflex Sight. Feel free to get any other attachments (not recommended).

6. Once you can afford A-10 strikes, get them! By now you have the Kimber, AK-47, and the UMP. You should use the AK-47, it is better.
Call in the A-10 strafing runs at the beginning of levels, but not too early. The A-10 should take out the Technical Trucks.

7. Rinse and repeat step 6. Possibly buy grenades.

Some general tips:

Aim for the head. This is the most useful tactic in the earlier levels with the pistol, in later levels with the UMP or AK, you do not need to aim for the head.

Practice. Keep your aim steady and reload at the most favourable moments.

Gauge threat levels. If there is an RPGer firing at the chopper, KILL HIM! If someone is firing on the chopper and you are shooting at targets that are walking, you are doing something wrong.

Also, aim for enemy weak points (you can view the weak points in the briefing tab) and repair regularly. Repair when below 500 health for levels 0-10, on levels 15-as high as you can go, repair when below 800 or so health.

This is my first guide, I hope it enhanced your Weapon experience.

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