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Ok so heres my walkthrough for Age of war 2 please tell me if there is something wrong with it.Its only a short walkthrough that wont take much of your time. Oh and medium and easy are the same strategy


Ok as soon as you start age of war 2 on diffuculty easy Upgrade support range twice. Then make 10 slingers your opponent will straight away use meteorite rain if he doesn't then you win. as soon as metiorite rain comes on DONT MAKE ANYTHING. When its finished you should have 1000 money and should be able to make 10 more slingers keep making slingers when 1 of your 10 die and soon you will be at the opponents end attacking them you should have around 1500 spend that on the next upgrade for the support range.then if you get anymore money spend that on the support attacking.If you did something wrong your opponent will upgrade its no worrys all you have to do is upgrade and then use the spear Spartans for the rest of the game (upgrading attack when you have enough money)

Note: dont be scared of powerful things that will smash slingers range is more important then attack


quick and simple just do the same thing as easy most of the time you wont get up to egyptian age but if you do then you have won already since the support there are really awesome

ONLY UPGRADE THESE 3 THINGS during the game and unless these are fully upgraded don't do anything else

support range

support attack

income level (this is Egyptian age if you didn't do all of it the way i said)

Note: for medium i will say that when the egyptians/medieval use their special you should stop making anything at all you have to have enough money make more support even though they are cheap their health is bad and they need to stay in groups of 5+

hard and insane are coming soon

Note: they may be the same strategy

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