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Yeah, this is it! The Metal Bands World Cup! We are in the year of the Soccer World Cup, so I thought of doing this. Itâs based in the cup organization rules, but kind of different:

Group stage: 4 metal bands are selected, each person have the power to give a point (vote) for one band, when a band reaches 5 points, the band election is over, and the top 2 bands of the group stay for the knockout stage. There will be playoffs if needed.

Knockout stage: Like in the famous battle of the bands thread, you are going to vote for one band, the band that reaches 5 points first is going to stay for itâs next game, or win the competition, if it the final.

Rules: 1-Give a good reason for why you chose that band
2-You can only vote once in a game
3-Donât complain if your band if loosing or lose
4-Community Rules and Guidelines apply too

Mods: People who will help me, not the community official mods, normal users who I invite to help.

I hope AG users like it!

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