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Which scientific ending do you belive in?

1.The Big Crunch- a state in which Dark Matter(which creates gravity) prevails over Dark Energy(which creates a kind of antigravity)and all the matter in the Universe comes together at the singularity from which it all came form and colapses in on itself.

2.The Big Rip- The exact opposite of the Big Crunch, Dark Energy Prevails over Dark Matter, the antigravitation is so great that even the fabric of space and time will tear apart.

3.Steady State- The amount of Dark Matter and Dark Energy are equal. The Universe will continue expand and will eventually stop.

4.The Big Chill 1- Dark Energy is slightly more powerful than Dark Matter. The Universe will continue to expand until there is no matter left.

5. The Big Chill 2- The Universe will keep expanding. The expansion will slow down, but never stop.

Take your pick

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