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I got some great Techniques for Colony. I will show you both in step by step.

Infinite Romans:
[Set to Fascists]
1. Build a Bank
2. Build a Forge (Don't build units yet!)
3. Build a Generator (Making energy)
4. Build another Generator (Making energy)
5. Upgrade both Generators
6. Collect At least $90 from Bank
7. Destroy Bank
8. Build another Generator and upgrade it (Making energy)
9. INFINITE ROMANS! (Deploy Romans from Forge)

Infinite Marines:
[Set to Communists]
1. Build a Bank
2. Build a Outpost (Don't build units yet!)
3. Build an Armory (Set to "Plan Financial Support&quot
4. Build another Armory (Set both Armories to "Planning Reinforcements&quot
5. INFINITE MARINES! (Deploy Marines from Outpost)

If you got any question about these techniques, ask away!
I may post some more techniques so yeah... you can post some two!

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