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Hi everyone. This is my first walkthrough, so sorry if it's not great, but please tell me how I can improve it. It just tells you how to complete the game, while going through the Enforcers guild.

To start with, you need to make your character. I made my look like a knight, and called him King Alfonso, because it sounded nice. Give your character the following stats:
Trade - 1
Travel - 2
Defense - 1
Attack - 2

You start of in the town of Boghorn. Go to the arms shop, and buy the Long Sword, then go to the armor shop and buy chainmail. Go to the guild, and join the Enforcers. They will ask you to go to Doxinark for your first quest. Don't do it yet.
Go to the buying place, and buy 30 cloth. Once you have this, travel to Masthead, which should be right next to Boghorn. Here, sell your 30 cloth. This is only a small profit of a few hundred, but buy 16 timber, which should be the maximum amount. Then travel to Nari. While you are travelling, help people on the ground, ignore people if you can, and take goods in the crates. Allow enforcers to check you for illegal goods. Always autofight battles, if you die, just reload. You will be back in the same town, and will have lost nothing.
Once you are in Nari, sell your 16 timber. You just made a profit of about 600. Buy 30 spices, and travel back to Masthead. Now buy timbers. You should get around 23. Travel back to Nari, and sell them. Buy another 30 spices, and back to Masthead, then maximum timbers and back to Nari. You might have found 1 or 2 nice weapons by now, that are worth some money.
You should now be in Nari, on day 7. With around 7 or 8k or money. Buy yourself 7 iron and 1 silver. Go to the vessel tab, and upgrade yourself to a cart. Then go to the tavern and hire the man with highest attack. Buy this man a long sword, and the best armor you can afford.
Travel straight to Luca, carrying nothing. You should be able to handle any fight that comes your way, apart from those against Vangaurds and maybe 1 or 2 against the Medieval tanks. Now travel to Doxinark, where you will complete the first quest for the Enforcers. When travelling, follow the same tactic as earlier, where you just autofight, and if you die, just start travelling again by continuing your previous game.
In Doxinark, complete the quest and get your next one, which is to kill 1 bucaneer party. Buy 1 silver, if you can, and if not as much spices as possible. Then travel to Coorerium. Here, sell whatever you bought in Doxinark, and buy the maximum amount of iron (sell one if you don't have enough to pay the wages). Then travel to Afron.
Hopefully you will have killed a bucaneer by now. If not travel between here and Doxinark until you have. Then travel back to Afron.
Your next quest is to raise your reputation to 30. Hopefully you will be above 20 by now already. If not buy maximum spices in Afron, then travel to Fairview. In Fairview, buy maximum iron, and travel back to Afron. If you find you can't pay wages, sell 1 iron. Continue doing this until you have 30 reputation.
You will now be asked to travel to Tamugaia, to deliver the secret package thing. Don't do it yet.
Continue travelling between Afron and Fairview buying the spices, then selling them, and replacing them with timber.
Repeat this until you have enough to buy 1 diamond and 10 cloth. To buy the diamond go to Tiveone, as they sell for cheap there. The cloth is really cheap and shouldn't be a problem. A lot of bucaneers will attack you, but it will all add to your money, as they can often drop a fair amount of money, although it might get frustrating if you die a lot. You can try fleeing, although it doesn't always work.
Once you are in Tiveone, and you have bought the diamond, and the 10 cloth. Upgrade to a Vanguard, and go to the tavern and hire as much high attack and defence people as possible. This will enable you to kill anyone. Trade and travel are not important, because if you kill everyone you don't need to travel quickly, and you get so rich you don't need things cheaper.
You don't really need to read further, as it's just a simple task of following what the quests say, but you can read if you want.
Travel to Aliso, and then further left to Tamugaia. This will complete the quest. Now travel to Darkwood, which is another simple quest, with a promotion to SuperIntendant.
Your now being asked to take back Pia, so travel to Hale, but don't continue to Pia.
Now start travelling between Hale and Fairview, buying spices in Hale and selling in Fairview, then timbers in Fairview and selling in Hale. Do this until you have enough money to buy all of your people mythril armour and a claymore.
It's a total of 40,000 money, so it will be faster just to keep trading in larger amounts until you have that, rather than buying them as you go along.
To speed it up, once you have enough, you can travel between Fairview, and Tiveone, buying silver in Fairview, selling in Tiveone and buying diamonds in Tiveone and selling in Fairview. This is a larger profit, given in smaller amounts, and i'm not sure which of the 2 methods is faster.
You can win the fort battles without the 5 claymores and 5 mythril armour, but it can be frustrating if you lose a lot. I find getting 2 of each though makes it a lot better. Decide what you want, and then try.
Once you have captured Pia, then want you to travel to Betsonia, to deliver another package. So travel to Tocunna. This is quite an attack filled journey and you have to fight several Vanguards. This is great though, as you won't die, and you will get quite a big reward.
Now you just need to get 100 reputation for the next rank, which you might already have done, as I did by this point. Then they want you to go to Axel, as your 2nd last quest. You should also have the 5 claymore and 5 mythril armour by now.
Your final quest will be to travel to Lavelle, and take out the 'strange' thing heading our way, that is being sent by the bucaneers.
For me, it was unbelievably easy to kill. It only had 30hp, so it only took 1 hit.
Now sit back and watch the credits!

You should now be on any day less than 100, and you should be a Guildmaster of the Enforcers. Now just run around capturing every castle, and becoming a millionnare. It's easier than it looks.

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