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This isn't a joke,its simple,you ONLY get certain vehicles and such....then when a few years pass,you get more high-tec stuff....and things take time to develop...please only post like every 2 min. at most..THANKS!
USMC soldier-1 posts,then as many as you want(under 5,000)
LAW-2posts(under 50 as many times as you want)
Abrams Tank-5posts(one every 5 posts)
Missle Launcher-4posts(up to 10 as many times as you want)
You can only be upgrading one thing at a time...and during then post wait time,you can send treaties,NAPs and deathmail(ex.if you don't do this.....)you can also post population increases,but keep under 5million until further notice....or just plain old news...=DGOOD LUCK

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