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I was looking around for a Chaos Faction 2 walkthrough on google and I didn't find one so I put this up. Comment with questions etc. Enjoy

1. Kapow(5pts) - Hit someone with a full-powered wind-up punch - Tap, release, then hold Z to charge up. Release Z again to hit the target

2. Zero Gravity(5pts) - Go offscreen and recover - Jump off the screen as far as possible and then use the teleport gun

3. Shopper(5pts) - Collect 20 crates in one match - just runaround like hell to awoid enemies and pick up all crates you can see

4. Recycler(10pts) - Kill someone with a dropped weapon - Drop your weapon with D, pick it up, then shoot your enemy.

5. Anger Managment(10pts) - Make 5 KO's with rage attacks in one match - Start a death match with one player against you on low difficulity and with many lives. Hit him 5 times to get rage.

6. Kill it with fire(10pts) - Burn someone to a crisp - Kill someone with a flamethrower

7. Architect(10pts) - Make an awesome level in the level editor and play a match on it - No need to explain the description says it all

8. Immortal(25pts) - Don't lose any lives in a campaign challenge - Play a easy map like Scaffold Scuffle and take it easy

9. Pacifist(25pts) - Complete a campaignchallenge without harming anybody - Lava Palaver would be with level to acheive this, just run away from all the badies.

10. Up and away(25pts) - Knock someone into the statosphere
(Hint: 2x damage = 2x height) - Let us take advantage of the hint: Go to deathmatch MORE OPTIONS enable 2x damage and rage mode play chaos tower jump abit, attack and they will fly away to the staosphere

11. Lift off!(25pts) - Knock someone into space - See 10

12. Veteran(10pts) - Play 10 deathmatch games - Not much to explain just play ten death matches.

13. Take the plunge(25pts) - Hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row(not on a custom level, and P2 not keyboard 2) - Set the deatmatch to Plunger match, Enemies to n00b, the map Mansion melee take the plunger and runthrough the gates back and forth untill it has passed 15 seconds

14. Survivor(50pts) - Get a score of 10,000 or higher in survival mode - 10,000 score = about 10 K.O. in survival. Play like a god and that will be achieved.

15. Magic Number(10pts) - Get a 3x multikill - see 17

16. 4 on the floor(25pts) - Get a 4x multikill - see 17

17. Fantastic 5(50pts) - Get a 5x multikill - Enable ragemode in more options play a six player mode make the teams all against you, set the enemy diffuculity to n00b and hit them.

18. Zoned Out(25pts) - Complete all campaign challenges in zone 1

19. In the zone(50pts) - Complete all campaign challenges in zone 2

20. Chaos Kudos(100pts) - Complete all campaign challenges in the game

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