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hi every one this is my first forum game in this game you have to make a zombie and pick where it raids and attack other players. i have made a zombie intellegence system your zombie has more capabilities the higher the zombies I.Q rating and the more zombie numbers you have here is the table for it.
note:you automaticly have 1 off each stat.

1 zombie(s)+1:I.Q=infect
5 zombie(s)+5:I.Q=roadblock(to stop humans from getting to your territory)
30 zombies(s)+15:I.Q=zombie wall(buld 4 to make zombie building)
50 zombies(s)+25:I.Q=zombie building(to make your mark on land)

you have to fill out the form below to make a zombie you have 30 points to spend on your zombies stats. you get more points depending on what you do e.g take over an area, make a zombie outpost, ecstinct another zombie species

zombie namename your zombie)
zombie descriptionnot anything to amazing or hair-brained)
zombie attack pointshow much attack your zombie does based on the oponents deffense rating)
zombie deffensehow resistant your zombie is to attack)
zombie speedhow fast your zombie is)
zombie I.Qhow smart your zombie is)
zombie enemieswhat enemies your zombie army has)
zombie allyswhat friends your zombie army has)
areas under controllwhat areas your zombies have)

good luck!.

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