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Escaping the Prison is the sequel to Breaking the Bank.
Heres how to get the NG medals

Lol Brawl Reference
1.Choose the drill
2.After reaching below, choose the crowbar
3.You fall down in from of 2 cops. Then you start running. Choose the lower arrow then when you reach the wall, choose the lower arrow. You fall down then you get the medal.

Legal Ending
1.Choose the cellphone
2.You call your attorney and you end up in the court
3.After a short cutscene, choose the bag. (The other items get you screwed
4.The attorney explains in a short cutscene and your pronounced "Not Guilty"

Badass Ending
1.Choose the drill
2.After falling down, choose the crowbar
3.You fall (again) and end up in front of 2 cops
4.The chase starts. Choose the lower arrow when it shows up
5.When you reach the wall, choose the arrow pointing up
6.A short cutscene happens. When the cop locks his gun, click
7.A cutscene happens and your free

Sneaky Ending
1.Choose the file
2.After breaking the cell bar, two cops attack you. Click the left side of the screen and the right side when the cops come to attack
3.You enter a door. Choose the chair
4.Choose the right side when you are in the vent
5.After getting out of the vent, choose the plungers
6.You break out

Donut Want
1.Choose the NRG drink
2.When you reach the chief, click his donut
*Donuts found= 1

1.Repeat Sneaky Ending from 1-3
2.At the vent choose the left side.
3.You fall in a meeting. At the left table, there are 3 donuts. Click em
*Donuts found= 4

1.Repeat Badass Ending from 1-2
2.Click the bagel above the sink
*Donuts found= 5

1.Repeat Badass Edning from 1-2
2.Choose the Opacitator
3.You float. At the first floor you encounter, click the yellow box near the cop
*Donuts found= 6

Lots of Effort
Heres the list (Find em yourself Its easy)
1.Get kicked by the cop
2.Get tazed by the cop
3.Grenade yourself
4.Use the rocket launcher
5.Use the teleporter
6.Go through the wrong vent
7.Flout to space
8.Choose any evidence besides the bag
9.File the window
10.Crash into the wall
11.Crash into the pillar
13.Get shot by the the cop with the AK
14.Get shot by the cop
15.Use the NRG Drink
16.Use the jetpack
17.Use the rope
18.Use the parachute

1.After the credits of the sneaky ending, click the sun on the upper left side of the screen. It does...(find out yourself )

Time Taken: 45 minutes
*Thanks for your time.

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