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Although I still think it's an easy game to master (3 hours tops) a lot of people have difficulties beating this game. The hardest map is not level three because you have less range to buy extra. Instead it's level one. I'm going to do a walkthrough on level one nonetheless.

First off, upgrade cash collecting. Then put a sniper in middle position so it covers the whole of the right corner just (on top of the U in fujitsu). Don't think it has to overlap the whole, just the middle line. Stick to upgrading money untill you get 1750.
Then buy a 1500 fire tower and position it at the beginning corner just one block right of it (the inside corner). Upgrade its range once. This is at the end of wave 5!

Then upgrade fire upgrade until it's five. In level 7 or you should have 1500. Buy a Frost tower and put it next to the fire tower on the right side. As soon as you have 650 buy another Sniper tower and put it under the first one. This happens in level 8. Keep upgrading Fire! Then in level 9 as the 40 shitty slow kreeps come. When you get 1250 again but a frost tower and place it in the bottom corner on the inside. Don't let one kreep get pass!

Now it gets easy. Get 4000 and buy a Flame tower. put it in the middle and upgrade it's range. But atleast two goldens and atleast 6 poisons and 4 shock towers. More range is always cheaper then more but faster is more expensive then more. The rest of the upgrade order is yours but please do skill and second skill (top one first) as soon as possible...

Make sure that you buy new towers before range upgrading older ones and put most of them in the center.



You should get an extra 100 because of fire kills.

As soon as you get 1500

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Was that a strategy for the regular run through or was the for hardcore mode specifically?

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