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Three men who were robbing a medical student in Sydney fled in panic when five members of a nearby martial arts school rushed to the rescue dressed in full ninja gear.
The trio attacked the 27-year-old German after he got off a train, New South Wales state police said.
As the assault was under way, a student coming out of class at the Ninja Senshi Ryu school saw what was happening and called on his teacher and three other students for help.

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Can you imagine the look on the robber's faces when they saw a group of Ninjas comming over to them. That's a story for the grandchildren one day; "I remember when I was a young man and was being robbed but was saved by Ninjas in England." Doubt they'll believe him though.

Though, one the message board below it, I saw someone said something about this being a vigilante act and thus possibly being wrong. In this case was a vigilante act a good thing or a bad thing, even though the answer seems obvious.
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