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Here is the full and complete list of all the Exit Path Cautions Signs.

First, every stage has a sign. So the number 1-30 will represent the stage that sign is on. Second, in the bottom right corner above the timer is the sign spot. If this is empty you do not have the sign for that stage.

1. Over the Bed - Just jump
2. Past the "Slide Sign" but before you have to slide - Jump
3. Across from the stairs - Running jump from top stair
4. Middle of the stage on the ground after the bend is the stage
5. By the big saw blade - Do the slide and jump on the platform and run to the sign
6. After the flag, its in the air - Jump on slide platform and jump to sign
7. In air near beginning - Use first tramp to jump to it
8. After spike hallway between the spikes and the tramps - Use the tramps to reach it, but don't jump into the spikes (OUCH!)
9. Just up and the to left of the first laser - Teleport, Jump over teleporter and land on platform above laser
10. Above first teleporter - Use teleporter, and teleport back and jump up
11. Right after turnstile - Jump
12. Above start point - Use tramp to jump over ax platform and land on sign
13. Above first swinging ax - Use the tramp at the end of the ax line(grab the flag fist it could save a lot of running back and forth), and jump from ax platform to ax platform
14. Towards beginning below the teleporter - Use first teleporter, jump back and down to the sign
15. Just past the second laser - Jump from the 2 high blocks and jump to sign before laser kills you
16. At beginning - Jump
17. In the big sign, below the "O" in "Freedom" - Jump from platform
18. Toward the end in the last red siren - Jump
19. Above the first tramp - Use tramp to reach it
20. Below the starting point - Jump off screen to reach
21. At beginning by first stair on the ground, slightly hidden - Walk
22. At beginning - Jump
23. At beginning of spike hallway - Jump
24. Above third set of swinging axes - Use teleporter and jump
25. At beginning of the sign, slightly hidden - Jump
26. On top of first spike wall - Use tramp to jump to it
27. Above start point hidden in the ground - Use first tramp to jump to it
28. Above start point hidden in the ground - After you pass swinging axes ran on the platform back to the start
29. Toward the end, left of the laser and above the saw - Land on the ledge by the saw and jump to the sign
30. Above start point hidden in the ground - Use second tramp to jump onto the platform by the starting area

GOOD LUCK!! I hope this help someone out there! =)

Also I'm to lazy to proof read so if there is a spelling or grammar error, my bad! =P

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