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Max level and infinite money:
When I did training in the second level the first time it just cycled through
backgrounds so I quit the game. I went back to fight the end boss from level
1 again (last spot I saved) and when I won I got a second sword. I tried the
training again and went instantly to level 30 and infinite money.

Mixed classes!!!:

YOU NEED 1 UN-USED FILES!! make whatever class you want level it up to level ten
then save goto PvP player one is whatever you made any class... then playe 2 is an
epty slot... click on that slot a few times then make a different class man under
that file and then you have that man first two attacks and the other classes attacks
and level but not stats... works best with bio and hydro... easy win through the

Secret - Lvl to 30 and infinite money instantly!
Alrite, start a new person, doesn't matter which class or anything else. beat the prison guard (and tutorial guy if u chose it) and click proceed. close the window thing that explains sonny 2, and click on the far left spot, or the upper left hand corner of the jail cell with the vendor guy. when u scroll over it, it should say next battle. click on that, and u'll enter a battle with the platform changing rapidly. press the exclamation point and skip ur turn. u'll see the screen saying u've lvled up to lvl 30 and u aquired NAN money. congrats, u have lvled to 30 and gotten unlimited money! spend the points in ur abilities and have fun!

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you rock. and everyone should agree.

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