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Hello and welcome to my in-depth Hydraulic Legend Run guide where i can hopefully show you that Hydraulic is the most awesome class. I know there have been a lot of 'Legend Guides' and 'Hydraulic' Guides flying around but i don't think i have seen the 2 combined yet. So this is my lengthy offer of a Cold Hydraulic Legend Guide. If my guide sucks, don't bite my head off. Its the first one i'ver ever made. Also i know it is a bit late as i'm sure Sonny 3 will be out soon but oh well

This is a guide for achieveing the 'Legend' Achievement so therefore unlocking Zone 7 and defeating the Corrupter, so finally achieveing the 'Over the Ashes' achievement.

In this guide the achievements you will/should achieve are:
~ 'Tape'
~ 'Predator'
~ 'Legend'
~ 'Jail Break'
~ 'Old Ghosts'
~ 'Over the Ashes'

I have achieved 'Legend' with all 3 classes and my top 3 builds were:

~ 1st: Cold Hydraulic
~ 2st: Psycho Shocker
~ 3rd: Speed Bio

Although this is just me and i really suck with Bio and don't like the time you have to spend setting up.

So Cold Hydraulic is all about its 'mastery of water' or in this case ice, which is kind of water... The Cold Hydraulic is a tank, so that means with it you won't be dealing as much as Biological or Psychological but it has great survivability and will rarely be dieing; unless you get real unlucky. With this class you can deal great de-buffs and boost your defense so high enemies only deal 1 damage! Another bonus is the fact you dont't need to worry about focus as all the Cold Hydraulics moves don't cost any. The Cold Hydraulic is mainly about 2 moves. Flash Freeze and Mind Freeze. These moves basically restrict your opponent from hurting you at all as they are either stunned, or unable to use focus. Aswell as the de-buffs they can also deal a fair amount of damage, and if you thought it couldn't get any better they are also accessible as fully upgraded at level 4! Also during this Guide i won't be using the move Glacier. Instead i will be using the starting move Vapour Cannon. This is because Vapour Cannon is stronger up untill the final upgrade, therefore i didn't want to waste 4 points on a move i didn't need. However it is just up to you.

Ability Points
After the 1st battle re-spec and put the 19 points into Vitality. After that put all your points into Instinct. You may have to re-spec once or twice, mainly for the Baron, but the ability points should stay as followed.

Also your equipment should give your good Instinct and Vitality. Speed isn't needed as Flash and Mind Freeze never miss and Strength isn't needed for obvious reasons. For Veradux the main gear for him is Instinct. Vitality isn't needed as much as the main rule for this guide is for Veradux's Vitality to be lower than Sonnys and Roalds. By doing this it means Veradux takes all the damage, which is very little due to Ice Wall, then heals it all back instantly. You don't really need Strength as he will be on Phlanx 95% of the time, finally Speed isn't needed. For Roald just give him armour that has the best Strength as Vitality comes hand in hand with it.

As i said make sure you keep Veradux's Vitality lower than Sonny's and Roalds. When attacking the order of the attacks should be as follows. Flash Freeze, attack or defensive skill etc, Mind Freeze, attack or defensive skill etc. Then repeat. Remember to re-spec after the first battle. Also, i reccommend turning Autosave off. This is because there are certain battle inwhich you may want to get a certain weapon. These are:
~ Annihiliation: Zone 3, Spectre
~ Shandor's Darkstaff: Zone 3, Clemmons the Deceiver
~ Emerald Death: Zone 4, Hydras


All the information on here isn't unknown. I've just took information from different bits and added them with my own knowledge to form this. I want to say thank you to ElNimrodo and DaliuXas for their awesome guides, inwhich i couldn't have set this out or made it without them. I will also be using ElNimrodo's Zone Layout since i'm too lazy to make my own

And so we begin.

ZONE 1: NEW ALCATRAZ - The Iron Prison

Most the battles in this Zone are easy. The only battles worth registering are the 'Twisted Experiment' and 'The Warden', still with Flash Freeze and Mind Freeze you shouldn't have a problem. With the combo you should have no problems.

Battle Progression
1: (Level 1) - Prison Guard
2: (Level 1) - Prison Guard (2)
3: (Level 2) - Brutal Convict, Agile Convict
4: (Level 3) - Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict
5: (Level 4) - Doctor Leath, Prison Guard (2)
6: (Level 4) - Twisted Experiment
7: (Level 5) - The Warden
8: (Level 5) - Doctor Hedger, Frankie
9: (Level 6) - ZCPI Elite
10: (Level 6) - Felicity

Ability Progression
Level 1: Regulate 1
Mind Freeze 1
Flash Freeze 1
Level 2: Mind Freeze 2
Flash Freeze 2
Level 3: Mind Freeze 3
Flash Freeze 3
Level 4: Flash Freeze 4
Level 5: Mind Freeze 4
Level 6: Ice Wall 1

Prison Guard: Easy

Prison Guard (2): Easy.

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: Easy.

Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict: Just kill the weakest one and keep Veradux on Phalanx if you need to although you shouldn't.

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard (2): Kill Doctor Leath first then take out the Prison Guards.

Twisted Experiment: Ahh, this battle gives so many other classes trouble. But not us. Just use the combo and keep Veradux on Phalanx. There's nothing you can do about Withdrawl so you just have to wait it out. Even when he does use Shadow Blend, Mind Freeze and Flash Freeze still don't miss.

The Warden: Uh, i hate this battle. Again keep Veradux on Phalanx as he can hit for up to 300. Still you should have no problem.

Doctor Hedger, Frankie: Again it is quite easy. You can either kill Frankie first and you will be dealing quite high damage due to his Buffs or you can kill Doctor Hedger. I would go for Doctor Hedger first then kill Frankie. Should be easy with the combo. When Frankie uses Guarded, just use Regulate on the opponent who it had been cast on. After this battle you get Ice Wall. Put 2 of these on your ability bar. Remember Ice Wall is usually used on Veradux as he takes all the damage, it also increases his healing.

ZCPI Elite: Easy, stun him when he uses 'Aim for the Heart' or use Regulate if Flash Freeze is still recharging. When he uses his healing spell put Veradux on Relentless and hope he casts his Lightning Bolt.

Felicity: Easy, it may take a long time but the Freeze Combo keeps her quiet and unable to use anything but her measly Leading Strike that deals about 70 damage. You're unable to stop her casting 'Serious Business' but she is still easy. And once she goes below 500 the fight is over. So Congratulations, you've just achieved 'The Tape' and also unlocked Zone 2!

ZONE 2: OBERURSEL - The Frozen Village

This zone is where you will find the one of the hardest battles for Cold Hydraulic; Captain Hunt. The battle itself isn't hard it's just taking down the Sniper. As you hit such low damage his shield usually wears off before you're able to kill him then 1HKOs you. But we'll get to that later on.

Battle Progression
1: (Level 7) - Frost Zombie
2: Mock fight / Cut scene
3: (Level 8) - Frost Terror, Frost Zombie (2)
4: (Level 8) - Knight
5: (Level 9) - Knight, Priest
6: (Level 9) - Frost Lord
7: (Level 9) - Knight, Priest, Mage
8: (Level 10) - Knight, Mage (2)
9: (Level 10) - Cult Leader
10: (Level 11) - Baron Brixius
11: Cut scene
12: (Level 11) - ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound (2)
13: (Level 11) - Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic

Ability Progression
Level 7: Ice Wall 2
Level 8: Ice Wall 3
Level 9: Cold Neurology 1
Level 10: Subversion 1
Level 11: Guardian Form 1

Frost Zombie: Easy

Frost Terror, Frost Zombie (2): This battle gives so many people trouble with all the builds. I don't find it to bad. Keep Roald on Relentless unless someone is falling behind on hp then stick him on Phalanx and let him use Greater Purpose. Veradux stays on Phalanx 100% of the time. First kill one of the Frost Zombies, when he uses 'Recuperating' attack him with Regulate and hope it hits. Once i had killed him all of my team were in orange so i just kept Ice Wall on the 2 with the lowest. After that i kept the Frost Terror under Mind and Flash Freeze whilst i killed the final Frost Zombies. Then once he was down it was too easy.

Knight: Quite easy, you should have no problem.

Knight, Priest: You should take a note of this battle as you will be seeing them again very soon. Still easy though. Use the Freeze combo on the Priest so he can't heal. It gets really annoying when the Knight casts Guarded on the Priest but there's nothing you can do about it.

Frost Lord: Freeze combo = easy

Knight, Priest, Mage: OK so now this battle can give you so much trouble if you don't know how to do it. Luckily we do Freeze Combo on the Priest so he can't heal, then go for the Knight. Whilst doing this the Mage may cast a debuff called 'Doom' which greatly reduces your healing. If this happens i reccomend putting both teammates onto Phalanx and putting Ice Wall on to the victim. The Mage has a buff which heals all his hp and doubles his damage so we will leave him to last. When you do fight the Mage he will cast the buff when he drops below 500hp. So you have to save 2 Flash Freezes then use it when he is on 500-700 hp. Shouldn't be too hard. Remember to keep Vera on Phalanx and put Roald on it too if you fall behind, also keep using Ice Wall. If Roald keeps attacking the Mage and he starts to get around 600hp just take him out instead of the Knight or if you haven't killed him yet, Priest. Still quite easy battle.

Knight, Mage (2): Ahh this battle is annoying, but luckily we are now level 10 and have access to Subversion; which is the Mages greatest fear. On my ability bar i took out Regulate (Tbh it was kind of a wasted ability point i only need it for the Baron) and replaced it with Subversion. Subversion is also good for those tight spots when your opponent is dealing high damage so you just cast it on your team mate and heal him. Firstly start attack any of the 2 mages and have Roald on Relentless. Then once the Mage is on 600-700 hp Stun it, then when it wakes up cast Subversion on it and WABAM! 1 less Mage to worry about If none of you know what i mean well, the Mages heal themselves for full hp so Subversion kills them. Then repeat for the 2nd mage, and finally kill the Knight last. You shouldn't really have any problems. Just remember to keep Vera, or whoever is on low hp, on Ice Wall. If the Knight drives you insane, as he did do to me, with his 'Guarded' buff you can either turn on him or the other Mage untill it wears off. The fight is still a cinch though.

Cult Leader: Easy just use the combo. Just watch out for Retrogade, it can be annoying. It is a long fight and is very boring, but like all the fights so far: easy

Baron Brixius: People say Baron is hard for a Hydraulic. I laugh in their faces. All you need is Flash Freeze, Regulate, Mind Freeze, Regulate and possibly a couple of Ice Walls. I didn't include Guardian Form in my ability bar as this battle wasn't about dealing damage. You shouldn't have any problems as he is unable to cast is famous 'Tick-Tock', the only annoying thing is when he regenerates 20 focus per turn. Still you just have to slug it out and he will soon be dead. My ability bar was: Flash Freeze x 2, Mind Freeze x 2, Regulate x 1, Ice Wall x 2, Water Vapour x 1.
My bar is: Flash Freeze x 2, Mind Freeze x 2, Regulate x 1, Ice Wall x 2, Vapour Cannon x 1.

ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound (2): This battle is quite difficult. You will be using Ice Wall alot. Kill the hounds first and use Guardian form when you can. Stun the ZPCI Elite when he uses 'Aim for the heart' or whatever he uses. Once one hound goes down the rest is easy. I must admit though i had to re-start once due to being unlucky, but it is still quite easy.

Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic: Uh, IMO the second hardest fight on the game for a Hydraulic. When i first did this on another Cold Hydraulic Legend run i must have re-started about 2 or 3 times due to being very unlucky and getting aweful crits from the sniper. The first thing to do is to kill the Sniper. To do this you have to un-load everything you have on him. When you break his shield the Medic will start healing him for up to 1300 hp, which can screw you over if your not careful. So try to keep a Mind Freeze on the Medic so he can't do this. You may need to also use Flash Freeze on the Medic. Also if you need to keep Veradux under Ice Wall, don't get carried away with attacking, remember to heal! After the Sniper goes down go for the Medic. If Veradux goes down you're going to have to re-do it. If Roald goes down after the Sniper is down you should be OK. The Medic can't do anything under the Freeze combo. Finally Hunt is easy, you can't stop him casting the 'Desperate Shield' buff but by that time you'll be on your way to victory. Congratulations you have just achieved 'Predator'

ZONE 3: IVORY LINE - The Train

Luckily for us the next 2 or really 3 zones are easy and you shouldn't die to often, unless you get an unlucky crit or whatever.

Battle progression
1: (Level 12) - Spectre
2: (Level 12) - ZPCI Elite (2)
3: (Level 12) - Spectre (2)
4: (Level 13) - Phantom, Antagonist, Beast
5: (Level 13) - The Hobo
6: (Level 13) - The Real Hobo
7: (Level 14) - The Host
8: (Level 14) - Spectre (3)
9: (Level 14) - Clemons The Deceiver

Ability Progression
Level 12: Ice Wall 4
Level 13: Glacier 1
Level 14: Crystal Ice 1

Spectre: Easy, i recommend re-doing this battle untill you get Annihiliation as it is really good for Roald.

ZPCI Elite (2): Again quite easy, take out the weaker one first with the combo. Stun when they use 'Aim for the heart'.

Spectre (2): Easy.

Phantom, Antagonist, Beast: Slightly difficult, take out the Phantom first. Then beast and finally Antagonist. Use Ice Wall if it is needed but you should have no problems.

The Hobo: Easy, just keep an eye on the Posion debuffs.

The Real Hobo: Again easy.

The Host: easy.

Spectre (3): You shouldn't have much of a problem, just keep on using Ice Wall. There isn't much of a strategy but still can be quite difficult.

Clemons The Deceiver: Expect to be re-doing this level a couple of times. Not because it is a difficult fight but because you will want to get 'Shandors Darkstaff' as a weapon. The Darkstaff will be your weapon untill the end of the game. Before you start this battle equip Subversion and take out an Ice Wall. There are 3 stages to this battle. Firstly he will be casting 'Unknown Condition' on you will is basically the same as Subversion or Retrogade. After that he starts casting some nasty shadow abilities, however due to the Freeze combo he can't. Finally, once he gets to around 5000hp he will heal himself fully and reveal his 'true form', just before he does this Stun him, then cast Subversion. The hope you get Shandors Darkstaff.

ZONE 4: LABYRINTH - Tunnel of Illusions

Probably the easiest zone for a Cold Hydraulic

Battle Progression

1: (Level 15) - Tunnel Beast
2: (Level 15) - Vivian Vixen
3: (Level 15) - Gregor
4: (Level 16) - Shunny
5: (Level 16) - The Magical Monkey
6: (Level 16) - Mokoshotar
7: (Level 17) - Bunny
8: (Level 17) - Flower Zombie
9: (Level 17) - The Hydra
10: Cut scene

Ability progression
Level 15: Crystal Ice 2
Level 16: Crystal Ice 3
Level 17: Crystal Ice 4
Level 18: Crystal Ice 5

Tunnel Beast: Not to difficult, if your having trouble keeping up with his damage remember to sue Ice Wall.

Vivian Vixen: At first glance everyone thinks yay 1HKO but unfortunatly thats never the case. Just keep beating her down untill she has around 450hp, but make sure you have 2 Flash Freeze available. Just stun her twice and if she isn't dead after it, just cast Subversion and she will go down.

Gregor: Haha Gregor. Does this little guy always give you trouble? Make you want to punch your laptop? Well he won't with Cold Hydraulic. The Freeze combo keeps him from doing anything, although he may cast his healing ability at the start of the battle which is annoying.

Shunny: Again easy. Just watch out for Withdrawl. It deals around 2000 damage, once he has cast it you can use Subversion to stop him healing as much health as he usually wouuld.

The Magical Monkey: Freeze combo, same old, same old.

Mokoshotar: Again you should have no problems.

Bunny: Actually can be quite difficult as Bunny deals up to 2k damage. Just keep using Ice Wall.

Flower Zombie: Easy.

The Hydras: Extremely easy for a Hydraulic, the Fire Claws are extremely weak to Ice Attacks so take them out first. The Hydra is also very easy as all his attacks require focus. Therefore the Freeze combo renders him completely useless. As i said i recommend re-doing this battle untill you get Emerald Death, as it will be the best weapon for Roald.

ZONE 5: HEW - The Dystopia

Make sure you keep the items the tunnel workers gave you from the last zone as they will prove useful in this one. Equip the Mining Hat and the White Shirt on Roald. I highly reccommend buying Lavastone Barrier and Frozen Runeblade for Veradux.

Battle Progression
1: (Level 18) - Riot Police
2: (Level 18) - Riot Police, Blood Hound
3: (Level 18) - Secret Police (2)
4: (Level 19) - Police Colonel
5: Cut scene
6: (Level 19) - Care Taker, Blood Hound (2)
7: (Level 19) - Android Guard, Riot Police (2)
8: (Level 20) - Specialist, Android Guard (2)
9: Cut Scene
10: (Level 20) - City Council
11: (Level 21) - Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist
12: (Level 21) - Specialist, Blood Hounds (2)
13: (Level 21) - Secret Police, Android Guard (2)
14: (Level 21) - The Mayor

Ability Progression
Level 19: Cold Neurology 2
Level 20: Cold Neurology 3
Level 21: Cold Neurology 4

Riot Police: Easy

Riot Police, Blood Hound: Uh, blood hounds. Luckily the Cold Hydraulic copes very well with them and when i previously did this run i only had to re-do 1 battle which was the Police Colonel. Kill the Hound first.

Secret Police (2): Again just a normal battle that requires no strategy.

Police Colonel: I hate this battle so much. Because if you get a bit unlucky it can cost you the whole fight. The fight is mainly about 2 buffs. Reloading and Guns Blazing. When he's using Guns Blazing you have to stun him then go all out when hes Reloading. Watch out though because he sometimes uses them at the same time; so you don't want him to be attacking you.

Care Taker, Blood Hound (2): This battle is difficult due to the Blood Hounds.

Cut Scene: You get Felicity in thi battle. I highly reccommend swapping Roald for her. This is because she is 2 levels higher and hits an average of 1000 damage which is mroe than Roald. Give her Roalds gear and other gear you have in your inventory.

Care Taker, Blood Hound (2): I didn't find it too bad. Remember to keep Veradux under Ice Wall, with Felicity you are dealing much more damage and the Hounds will drop very quickly. Once one is dead the battle is quite easy. After the 2nd goes down you're guarenteed victory.

Android Guard, Riot Police (2): Probably the hardest battle in the zone, so far. The first time i tried this they all ganged up on Veradux and he was gone by the 2nd turn so i had to re-do it. Im not sure if the way i did it was the best. I went for the Riot Police first however i found it incredibly annoying when the other would heal him for 900hp for 3 turns then the Android Guard would cast the Force Field buff on him. It took me a while to take one down but once he went it was fairly easy. However you could also go for the Android Guard first to prevent him form casting those annoying Force Field buffs. Tell me which one you tried and if you found it easy or not.

Specialist, Android Guard (2): Kill the Specialist ASAP, because if you get Black Metal cast on a team mate you can say goodbye to him. After that the battle is easy, although expect to get annoyed with those pesky Force Field buffs.

City Council: Wow, i wish the Twin Guardians were as easy as this. Seriously just kill one of them, then under the Freeze Combo the other one will deal a max of 1000 damage. As i said easy.

Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist: Kill the Specialist first because, as i said, once a team mate is de buffed with Black Metal you can count them out. After that go for the Secret Police and finally Android Guard. This is quite a difficult fight. Fortunatly you are now level 21 and have access to Law Binder and other equipment. I reccommend you buy Law Binder and give Shandors Darkstaff to Veradux

Specialist, Blood Hounds (2): What a horrible fight. You have to go for the Specialist due to Black Metal which means you're getting eaten up by 2 Hounds. Always keep your team mates under Ice Wall and good luck. I actually lost Felicity very early on due to 2 2100 damage from each Hound however still managed to pull through. So if i can do it so can you guys

Secret Police, Android Guard (2): Much easier than the previous fight. Kill Secret Police first. However if you can catch the Android Guard without his Shield on, turn on him and finish him quickly. Not too bad.

The Mayor: IMO this battle is a let down. It is actually really easy. Kill the Guardian Cannon first as it is just easy pickings with the Freeze combo. Then the Mayor. He only inflicts 400 damage untill he Buffs himself with Enrage. However he sometimes dispels it from himself. You can't stop him from casting his 3 well known spells, although they increase your Health by 300% i think so it doesn't really matter. As i said, easy. Well congratulations you have now achieved the Legend achievement I will be going through Zone 6 and Zone 7 however i won't be playing through them.

ZONE 6: IL SANCTUS - The Supreme Court

Well now i highly reccommend you train all four team mates to level 30. Train Roald as you will be using him for the Bomb. If you didn't get Death Sentence you can go back and get it, although it isn't really needed as you can give Roald Platinum Batton. From here i reccommend you Re-Spec, although it isn't needed, and put those 19 points from the start into Instinct. Also there's no point wasting an ability point in Regulate. The final build should come out like this:
Mind Freeze 4
Flash Freeze 4
Restore 3
Ice Wall 4
Glacier 4
Crystal Ice 5
Shatter 4
Cold Neurology 4
Guardian 1
Subversion 1

The ability wheel should look like this:
2x Flash Freeze
2x Mind Freeze
1x Ice Wall
1x Guardian Form
1x Shatter
1x Glacier
However this will change often as you may need Restore and Subversion to win the battle.

Battle Progression:
1: Metal Warden
2: Time Bomb
3: Nostalgia
4: Judge

Metal Warden: Probably the easiest achievement on the game. You have to defeat him only using 1 team mate. So bring along Veradux for healing. Now that you're level 30 you should be dealing around 2k damage every turn. The Freeze Combo again keeps him quiet and you can occasionly sneak in a Shatter. You now have 1 more achievement

Time Bomb: A difficult battle as the Cold Hydraulic deals such little damage. All i did was hit him for Glacier 3 times, then Shatter and i repeated. I only made it with 2 or 3 turns before it exploded. Also swap Roald for Veradux. If you're still unable to do it i reccommend swapping to the Hot Hydraulic as its damage output it awesome.

Nostalgia: This achievement is also quite easy. To do it you have to go it alone, so make sure you unequip your team mates. On your ability wheel take Shatter and Guardian Form out and replace them with 2x Restore. You will also need Subversion to kill him so you should take out Ice Wall. You should be healing for around 1500. If i remember correctly i don't think he can do anything to you without focus. There are 4 stages to this battle. In this 1st stage due to the combo he will just be dealing damage on you so you can just heal it off. In the second he will be casting Dark Omen on himself so you must stun him. If you have no stuns available you can just cast Subversion on yourself. He then casts a buff called Earth Titan. This reduces your damage to tiny amounts. So yeah it will take a long time to kill him. Depending on how Nostalgia's day has been depends on how long it will take for him to dispel it. With me he didn't at all so the battle took >30mins. Still though the damage he is inflicting on you shouldn't match the health you're healing. Finally at around 10000hp you will heal himself. So just cast Subversion and then say goodbye Nostalgia and hello Old Ghosts. If you're still having trouble i found a battle of someone killing Nostalgia with a Hydraulic. Type in this on the searchbar : Sonny 2 Zone 6-3 Nostalgia (Hyd, Heroic, no training, no other team member) .

Judge: Now you can bring back your team mates. Again this is an easy battle. Freeze combo, Ice Wall, Glacier, etc, same old, same old.

ZONE 7: SHO'TUL SHELF - The Divided Cliff

This Zone is just an Anti Hydraulic zone and it the hardest zone for a hydraulic, however its not too bad. Fortunatly in this zone you get the best armour possible. I bought the Cryptic armour for me and the Furious armour for Felicity. Don't worry you will pick up armour for Veradux and Roald during the battles. I also gave Felicity the Platinum Batton. Veradux the Law Binder and for myself i had Mending Beacon and Blast Shield. I did this because i stuck by my rules that Veradux must have lower Hp than you and this was the only way i could guarentee that.

Battle Progression:
1: Doctor Klima
2: North Guardian, South Guardian
3: Yosuke
4: Versu the Corruptor

Doctor Klima: Ok so this guy is a lot like the guy in Sonny 1. All i did was Use Flash Freeze x2, then Subversion. Attack him for 2 turns. Then repeat. The armour you get it the best possible for Veradux

North Guardian, South Guardian: Ah. Just the names scare me. I'm not going to lie to you, i had absolute hell with this battle. I spent about an hour trying to do it; and failed. I then stopped playing the game for 2 days and finally, when i came back, i did it. The only way for a Hydraulic to win this battle is to attack them and bring their hp down to around 1000, then kill one then kill the next. Attack the North Guardian first as he is the healer and i don't think he heals himself. So whittle him down to around 5000hp then go to work on the South Guardian. Felicity will stop him recovering too much health however if she is starting to kill him just put her on Ice Wall or put her on Aggresive mode. Once then are both down to 5000hp attack one, and then the other untill they are on around 2000hp. Then Stun the one with the higher health and hope Felicity kills the weaker one. The deliver the finished blow to the other one. Then congratulations you have completed the hardest battle on the game.

Yosuke: This battle isn't hard, just extremely long. There is no way to penetrate his Immortal Flame buff so you're just going to have to put on some music and wait it out for 99 turns. Remember to keep the combo on him though because if he attacks you with focus, you're done for. Once the buff is off you attack him like any other battle and since he doesn't re-cast the buff the battle is yours.

Versu the Corrupter: Again quite a difficult battle. Do not attack the orbs! Because if one orb gets killed then she turns into her Corrupter form and then must re-do the battle. Just keep attacking her and let your team mates waste their time on the orbs. Remember to use Shatter and you should win. And then CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved Over the Ashes and completed the game!

Wow, this has taken me forever! As i've already said if it does suck don't go yelling at me as this is the first i've made, and tbh it was kinda fun. Because i'm lazy im not going to go back and look for every single spelling mistake so if their is one, tough luck. I hope this guide is useful. Thanks to everyone else for all the useful guides which showed me how to set it out. And i wish you all good luck playing Sonny

~ Kingpong001

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