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Today, Al Gore is wone of the world's most recognised Environmentalists. However, here are some facts that you might not have known. Al Gore has a 20 bedroom mansion run on by natural gas (last time i checked that was fosle fuels.} He also has a gests house right next to it that. Combine these two facilitys and you get a household that uses up a years worth of average household energy in just under a month!

Al Gore also has multipule cars, most of which are not fuel eficiant. Here's a fact that might stun you. There is a house only 4,00 square feet in texas that colects rain water to drink, heating and cooling are provided by waters natural ability to keep warm in the winter and cold in the summer, and all wastewater used to shower, wash dishes, and even toilet water are purifyed and used to irigate the surounding land. It also has solar panles. Now who is this house owned by? The answer is George Bush.

Now how can a man that tells us we need to save the invironment just get a way with this? He is a Hpocrite. I hope this has changed your mind about Al Gore the so called "Environmentalist".

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