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Now first I'll start with some tips.

1. Choose a playing style.
Obviously, re-specs aren't cheap, and you can't spread your points out if you want to have effective attacks. So pick a playing style.

2. Make sure your playing style is your style.
There's nothing worse than finding out you can't get a good damage output from your attack. You make your character, and it's your job to apprehend to his playing style.

3. Always use a combo.
Never, ever, ever, use a single, random attack. Follow up. Study an enemy. Then use a combo to counter his/her strength and put pressure on his/her weakness.

Now to the builds.

As it says, Hydraulics are probably the most versatile force in the game, you can use water to have biological-like effects on enemies, or you can use water to have psychological-like effects on enemies. But the Hydraulics' focus is not on it's attacks. It's healing effects make for a great defensive build, and combine that with abilities from either tree, you can kill easily.

1. Hot build.
Focus: Strength and Vitality
Strength: Huge damage, high life.
Weaknesses: Each move usually costs life, and hot blooded, (A key for building a good hot Hydraulic) takes 10 focus per turn, meaning that the first attack is always regulate.

Now, before I go on about this, you need to know this. Hot Blooded and Regulate is the core of the Hot Hydraulic. ALWAYS USE REGULATE AT THE FIRST TURN!

Ok. Here's some abilities i'd like to mention.

Using 8% of your health.
This is your first attack, at lvl. 4 it is useful, a 15% damage increase means it is useful as a first attack. Keep it.

Vapor Cannon.
Now why should I mention this? Because, if regulate misses, then Vapor Cannon should be a backup. Keep it.

Cold Hydraulic
Focus: Instinct
Strength: Huge damage, little use of Focus.
Weaknesses: Low Vitality, bad damage in the beginning.

Now, remember, most ice abilities have a speed reduction. Use it on enemies that are so fast you or your allies cant hit them.

Ok, so now we need to mention the god abilities of the Cold Hydraulic.

Hypothermia: Costs nothing, a good move, and a speed reduction. Should I say more?

Mind freeze: This is useful in situations where an enemy uses a move that is annoying, or the enemy you're facing uses moves purely with focus.

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