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I just entered this in the Make a Movie contest and I thought i did a pretty good job. This is the first chapter of my book. Please feel free to give me constructive critisism. Thanks.

Chapter One: The Finding

Jason, Anna, and their father were getting ready to go on their traditional monthly trip to the cemetery to visit Grandma Barb. They live in Brooklyn and the cemetery is in Times Square. So it isn't very far away.

"I'll be ready in about twenty minutes!" said Anna. "She always takes forever, doesn't she dad." said Jason. " Why yes she does, but its a girl thing." said dad.

As they were pulling into the parking lot, Dad was already getting choked up, not a big fan of coming to visit his mom. It gets him every time. But because Anna took so long getting ready, it was already getting dark outside. "I have to pee, ill be right back." said Jason. "Okay son, don't be long." dad said. When Jason turned the corner to enter the bathroom, he heard a noise, "Jaaasssooonnn" coming from the palmetto bush on the edge of the sidewalk. "Hello? Anyone there?" he said. But no reply. He went to the bathroom, but when he came out, he heard it again.. "Jaaasssoooonnn". He had had enough. Jason decided to check it out. But when he looked around the bush.. There she was. There was Grandma Barb. "Grandma? This cant be possible....

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