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Hi. I know you can get the adventurer achievment by visiting . But how do you get rage quit, bukkake and never give up? I know it sas how to get never give up, but i dont know who this "yuki" is and where the radio is. As for bukkake, i think it has something 2 do with the units beacuse on the achievment lord of war, it sas unlock all abilities and weapons, but NOT unit. Sow i think you need 2 get all units for bukakke (not sure). As for rage quit, i have no idea. I tryed going into a mission and getting killed without killing anyone else, but dident get it. And a last thing (WARNING THIS PART IS A SPOILER). In the end, Dem realises that deus ex machina means God from the machine, but in what language is that? Or is it in the "hybrid" language?

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