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This is an open forum. Feedback will be taken into account. Destructive Criticism will be ignored and this will be updated as time goes by. Currently this is the main parts I have gathered.

This Guide Consist of several parts. It is a guide from my personal experience. It wonât guarantee any victories, but it will help improve your gaming on Colony. Most of the Parts are just general information. The bottom part contains strategies used in combat, but an important part of battle is knowing what is available to use and how it can be used.

There are 4 different kinds of Government. Fascist, Monarch, Communist, and Capitalist.
*Fascist - Fascist is the âspeedâ Government as it can build twice as fast as any other Government. This government best goes with the âmechanicsâ (forge) branch.
4 Cash, 2 People, 4 Energy, 0 Influence
100% faster building speed

*Capitalist - Capitalist is the fastest resource government making it quite useful. This Government best goes as the heavy artillery (Missiles) Branch, but can do just as well with the âhumanâ (outpost) branch.
Resource: 5 Cash, 3 People, 2 Energy, 0 Influence
-20% faster resource gain.

*Communist - This is a special government as it gains money and influence every kill. This Government does very well with the âhumanâ branch.
Resource: 3 Cash, 5 People, 2 Energy, 0 Influence
-Money/Influence per kill

*Monarch - Another special government as it is the only one that gains influence along with its basic resources. This is best used with the âspecialâ branch (spec ops non-missiles)
3 Cash, 2 people, 3 Energy, 3 influence
-3 Influence along with the basic resources.

These Governments can be used differently, but these are there main functions.

Buildings Generally Fall into two types: Support and Attack.
Support Buildings - These are buildings whichâs main job is to gather resources. Some of these buildings have access to a unit which is generally bought with influence that help the main army.. These Buildings are usually not the ones that are used to gather massive armies. Buildings that fall into this category include: Bank/Treasury, Generator/Solar Grid, Armoury, Hospital/War Sanctum.
The War Sanctum is the only one that can be considered both. Although Itâs main purpose is to gather Manpower.
Attack Building - There are only 3 of these buildings (Excluding the possibility of War Sanctum). Forge/Manufacture/Mechanics Terminal, Outpost/Barracks/Arsenal, and Special Operations building.
The best of people have generally 3 support buildings and 1 attack. Usually this is the Case:
Player 1-Bank/Treasury, Armoury, Hospital/War Sanctum, and Outpost/Barracks/Arsenal
Player 2-Bank/Treasury, Armoury, Generator/Solar Grid, and forge/Manufacture/Mechanics Terminal.
Now these are the usual but there are many different types of builds used in many modes (My personal Favorites discussed Later.)

Units each have their own Conâs and the their own Proâs. Here I will discuss the best use of each.
-âHumanâ Branch
*Marine: The basic unit in the âhumanâ branch. Utterly weak and easily killed. It is only used as a decoy for other units, but its main function is anti-air. When enemy has a horde of scouts/phantoms/saints just spam these guys to distract and each guy will shoot off a rocket leaving many air spams to pieces in a matter of time.
*Chronite Tank: These guys do well vs. many ground units and their splash attacks make them even more devastating. Their weakness are basically any unit with longer range and air as they have no weapon to fire at air units.
*Sniper: These guys are the longest reaching ground unit (excluding far sniper) with a strong anti-armor weapon. This weapon also has a bit of splash damage. These guys are useful vs. most ground units just beware of screen glitch as they have little armor.
*Groditz: A Mechanical walker able to hit both ground and air. Very effective vs. saints and have a longer range then Chronite Tanks.
*Hover Tanks: A very devastating tank with high health. Can take about 4 or more missiles. Longer Range the Chronite tank, although its splash is not as well as the Chronite Tank. Its armor is effective at repelling light attacks. Just beware of air units and Snipers.
*Black Queen: The most devastating unit in the entire game. This unit can wipe out anything with Chronite armor and all human infantry. It also has the longest range of any air unit. 6 or more of these will win any war if used correctly.
-âMechanics Branchâ
*A-25 Roman: A somewhat effective infantry. Moderate health, and a good attack, but poor range. This unit is best effective vs. base and is used mainly to rush the enemy in hopes to destroy it (I donât recommend it.) It has no Anti-Air weapon however.
*Scout: The basic air unit, able to attack air and ground. Use this unit against phantoms and Chronite tanks, but be on the lookout for Sakata MK-II.
*Phantom: A strong unit armed with a machine gun that can just crush most ground units. This unit has a small splash damage, and good armor. A swarm of these will destroy any ground force that doesnât contain a Sakata MK-II or Sphinxâs.
*Sakata MK-II: This unitâs main job is to destroy air units as it cannot hit ground. Can destroy a swarm of scouts in 2-3 quick shots. Takes 4-7 for any other.
*Spider Sakata: A unit with good range and self-repair, but poor armor. Best used in safe skies on Cold War or Normal just donât bother getting it as a missile from base or queen will surely kill it.
*Gladiator: A unit with very high health and great armor and average attack. This unit is best used as armor against missiles as it can take well over 5 hits.
-âSpecial Branchâ
*A-27 Pride: A unit with a very fast firing rate an able to take out any unit without special or composite armor quite quickly.
*Far Sniper: The longest ranged unit. This unit does good damage, but has a relatively low firing rate. This unit is easily taken out by a roman rush or air units quickly if it is not supported by other units.
*Special Forces: Contains 2 regular sniper, 2 medics, and several marines. Is very balanced at destroying any unit and great for destroying the sphinx.
*Medic: The only unit that cannot attack any enemy. Its main function in war is to heal any ground forces (That you and your ally control) so they can return to cause more damage.
*Modified Sakata: A unit similar to the Spider Sakata with faster movement, and a very fast self-repair rate. Is hard to take down by anything except missiles, the Black Queen, or a relatively strong force.
*Modified Phantom: Similar to the Phantom although it has a stronger armor, a bit farther range, and a faster shooting rate. Not much to say to this unit except look at the description of its sibling the Phantom.
*Scramble Rescue Team: Just 3 Medics.
*Saint: A unit that is very good against the pride. Has a similar attack of a Sniper, and a stronger attack for air, but has a somewhat slow firing rate. This unit also has a self-repair although it is rather slow. It is good for taking down prides and special forces as it has a good armor.
*Sphinx: A unit that can hit both air and ground. This unit has longer range then Sakata MK-II and deals more damage, but it has a smaller splash radius. Its armor is a unique one. It can take many hits from Snipers and Hovers, but it is weak against Romans, and Marines especially Special Marines.
-âMissilesâ Branch - Missiles From the Special Operations are devastating. It can kill any unit with low armor and nearly take out the Sakata MK-II. It also has a very devastating splash damage. It can be countered by singling out a âdecoyâ unit for the missiles to target.

Now we get to the Juicy part. Strategies. There are several of them out there from roman rush to dual outpost. I will talk about each strategy I have seen and their proâs and conâs. This will be updated as time goes by (I am to lazy to put all the strategies as I have just finished this 3 page typing).
*Roman Rush - This tactic is simply build a forge and spam marines. It can easily win a game within 1 minute, but it is easily countered by Chronite Tanks. Once it is countered you are left to gather resources which the enemy already has. Modes: EQ, LT, SS, CW, NL
*Tank Rush - In this tactic you 1st build a bank or hospital and then outpost and just make a constant spam of tanks if enemy is quick enough to build Hovers you may lose the game. Modes: EQ
*Scout Rush - Go straight to forge and make scouts till you run out of resources then hold them over the enemy base (Just far enough so the enemy base cannot shoot you). Then gather enough resources to send a final attack force to wipe them out. This will completely drain you of resources until you have the enemy âwalledâ in. Modes: DF
*Sniper âGuerrillaâ Tactics - Build up normally till you get Barracks and make snipers. Then when enemy builds units move your snipers in to attack (Not to close, just close enough so they can shoot) then retreat after the attack. Screen Glitch can kill off many of your snipers. Modes: EQ, LT, SS
*Sakatas - Build up normally till you get a Mechanics Terminal and only make Sakatas then when you have enough money build up 3 solar grids and keep making Sakatas. Late starter in the game. Modes: SS
*Special Forces - Build a bank, then wait till you get enough resources to build a special operations. Then make influence units from there. Must be a Monarch Government. Can be countered by hovers and roman spam. Modes: LT, SS, EQ
*Queen Overrule - Build normally until you get an arsenal then make a few hovers and medics and focus on Black Queens. Advance your queens slowly (Advance and Hold) And once the fire off missiles retreat them. This usually hold the enemy back enough for you to build a few more Queens. Continue doing this until all ground forces have been wiped out. CW, NL
*Heavy Arsenal - This is one I have used with a friend. Once you both have arsenals one will focus on covering the skies (Black Queens and Sphinxâs) the other will focus on the ground forces (Hovers and Med Techs). Once you have a significant force send in queens to destroy the ground troops and send in the ground units to finish off the game. Is a very slow build/. CW, NL
*Average - One build normally to forge while the other goes for outpost. You each focus on your building and what it has available for you. All modes.

Earthquake (EQ) - Tank Rush
Low Tech (LT) - Special Forces/Sniper Rush
Dog Fight (DF) - Scout Rush
Safe Skies (SS) - Sakatas
Cold War (CW) - Heavy Arsenal
Normal (NL) - Heavy Arsenal

It is understandable to modify some of this tactics a bit to adjust to the current game. These are the basic tactics used. Every game will be different so there is no 100% guarantee that you will win each game. Also something to take note of. These tactics are useless without your own touch. You will need to learn when its is a good time to build a Hover Tank or is it perhaps better to build a Black Queen. I suggest to build up in most games and build an offensive building once the enemy builds one. 50% of the game is how well you build up. The other 50% is how well you can counter your enemy.

Donât Hack, glitch against exploiters, and be fair in all your games.
[b]Video Guide Coming soon.[b]

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