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Gang maker v 1

Gang leader:
Location: (Westside, Southside, Eastside, Northside)
Hideout: (sewer, abandoned subway tunnel, abandoned house)
Money: 1000
Goods: (weapons, drugs, DVDs)
Your color: (its like your flag homie)
Car: none

[/b]Please read
How to play

Dude all gangs live in one area so u all got territory so u got to fight to keep them fooâs off your tirff you dig but if 2 gangs live in the same location u gotta beat out the other gang or they can take over u and bye bye u lose of course u can be nicey nice and work together to rule the other sides

Specials for the sides

Westside: Easy to recruit people to the gang
Drug sales are double the money

Eastside: Guns seem easy to obtain
Dvd profits donât get many members arrested

Southside: Gun sales triple
People seem more likely to join

Northside: People like joining gangs

How to get goods

Well to get these you need a supplier, which are hard to find if u donât have the right people to talk to

I want money DOGG

Money is simple you can rob a bank rob stores until you find a suppliers

Starting the game

Well in the beginning itâs hard since you got no members so you got to build up your rep


Dude Rep is like how many people can be in your gang

10- 5
20- 10
30- 15
40- 20
50- 25
60- 30
70- 35
80- 40
90- 45
100- 50


Well if we seen this in movies a front is a place your goods can be stored but becareful fronts are important make sure u got thugs guardin the place and other gangs can take it ova

Oh and the owners before they open there store as a front they want payment and a favor so be warey

If you got any questions ask me its ok Iâm never perfect at these things


As the game progresses and you get more cash you can upgrade like to a mansion or condo or something so yeah


These guys once u get cash u can pick ur gang car ur gang weapon and hand to hand weapon

Logging off for now so just sign up =P[b]

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