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This is my World war II RPG. Sorry, I have a player limit of five. But if someone does not reply for 3 days they are considered quitting. Hopefully this is a new style of rpg.

Backstory: (No real facts used)The invasion on those German bastards has gone well so far. Most of our soldiers are in Germany. But, lots are guarding the borders. There are many missions going through but There are a few special forces that undergo difficult missions. This is their story.

Rules: You must give rational replies to my scenarios. For example, "Run like hell in the other direction." Is not rational.

Classes: Here, you choose your class.

Explosives specialist: Master of explosive equipment, useful for breaking through solid objects in sticky situations or other things.

Sniper: Long ranged killing machine. You are the backbone of support in your squad.

Heavy assault: A well-trained soldier outfitted with the perfect equipment for assault.

New classes coming soon!

This is how your character info is setup:
[i]Name: Cpl. Milanda
Class: Sniper
Weapon: Springfield/50 (Weapon of choice/ammo)
Health: 100/100

Alright! Get joining!

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