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I'm sure many of us have heard of this, plastic bottles causing cancer or something else, but I never thought that it was an actual debate. My friend sent me a link involving "the dangers of plastic bottles" read:

"The opposition would argue that bottled water should remain legal because it is convenient and can be recycled....Bottles of water can only be recycled a limited number of times before they cannot be recycled again. As Anne Leonard states, âUnfortunately, the plastics companiesâ claims that their plastic is ârecyclableâ are badly misleading. Plastic waste is seldom if ever recycled into the same product, so recycling used plastic does not make a dent in the amount of plastic needed to make the original productsâ (2). Many Americans assume recycling is helping clean up the environment when the true reality is that most plastic from water bottles is not even recycled back into plastic water bottles, thus making the recycling a complete waste of energy. There is no point to the convenience of plastic water bottles if convenience is what is causing the planet to die.

Because plastic water bottles are hazardous to the human body, are destroying the environment, and are misleading to consumers, sales of all plastic water bottles should be restricted in the United States. With BPA harming the body, recycling and littering harming the environment, and companies twisting the truth to get their products sold, plastic water bottles are a danger to the society of America.

I guess I am just as ignorant as many Americans, thinking that "Hey, I'm recycling my water bottle. I'm saving the environment. YAY ME !".
I personally think that we as Americans should protest plastic water bottles, rather than ban them completely. I've also been told that recycling companies do not recycle bottles with caps on them, caps MUST BE OFF, which I find quite...stupid...but again like so many American's I (used to) throw away bottles with the caps on.
So i'm just wondering what do you think about this? Should it or should it not be and why?

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