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This is the start of a separate new thread on the Profile Activity Feeds (PAF for short) that will be used on the new AG3 coming...'s in a separate thread because the question came up while debating another topic.


My initial question was:

I'll be trying to lift the courtain a bit here... :P

What will that 'new system for activities and achievements' be like?

Is it something like a list of what the user has been doing and what he/she has achieved lately?
...again something like the system used in FaceBook where you have a shortlist, am I right?

... ... ...

Cormyn's reply :
Yeah, it'll be a similar sort of "feed" of game activity, people submitting high scores or getting achievements, who's playing right now, that sort of thing.

We may introduce a "game reviews" area where users will be required to write a minimum number of words for a thorough game review (so we don't get short comments) as a feed, etc. And we're looking at ways to publish those bits of data as RSS feeds as well, in case you want to watch high scores for a particular game, or whatever.

Sorry, I forgot to specifically answer you about user feeds, too:

Your public profile page can also show your activity as well, like which games you've played, scores you submitted, the castle you built today, etc.

We'll have filtering in place so you can pick and choose (to some degree) which pieces of information you want to see (or not), who's activity you see (or not), things like that.

@MrDayCee, If you have more questions about how the activity feeds may work, please start a new thread for it so we stay on topic here.
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