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have never know if the games we play are difficult or easy.

We can make the list of players who rated this game

For difficulty level (colony)

Very easy to 789,765 players

Easy 1,657,395 players

Medium 634,613 players

More or less difficult 1,586,463 players

Difficult 239,785 players

really hard 189,786 players

incredibly difficult 557,856 players

Did you ever think you could say they had games that were difficult
moderator, I would like to discuss with you a fact.
I saw several topics, written in bold (Hard Game)

I think by doing this, there would be a lot of happy


1. A new way to get point

2. An easier way to find out more about a game

3. One way of fair sharing

While respecting the rule of point:

2 point by evaluating

I want to know your opinion

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