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I have a few minor features that might be a little useful for 3.0.

1. New posts queue: A link at the top of the forum, which would show unread posts/newest posts, all in one list. This would be much easier than combing through all the different forums if you check the community section frequently.

2. Mark as Read: related to #1, the ability to mark posts as unread (by reading them) or mark a forum/all forums as read. Unread topics could be in bold which would make it easier for us to see which topics have been updated since we last checked.

3. Notifications system: This would be helpful for us if people comment, you get a merit, etc. for example:

shayneii posted a comment on your profile
You have received a merit for your comment on [game]

or maybe even...

Your comment on [game] was deleted, reason [insert]

though I see how there could be problems with that.

4. Social groups: I see how this would be more like social networking but it could be a possibility.

Just a few suggestions

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