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To clarify what I've said elsewhere... We will have several ways to interact with people.

This will work like public Twitter profiles, where you can follow whoever you want, whenever you want. As a user, you can always see a list of who you're following, as well as a list of who is following you. When that user does something on the site like create a new forum thread or create new game content (ie a new castle in Sieger) or get a new achievement, you'll see it on your activity feed.

This will work like Facebook, where your friendship invitation must be accepted by the other person. If the other person ignores your request or straight-up rejects it, you'll only have "follow" privileges. You'll always have access to your friends list of course, and either user can break the friendship connection at any time.

What's the Difference?
We will place restrictions on user interaction based on whether you're a friend or follower. For example, we may restrict whether followers can post on your profile page, and armatars you upload can only be shared to your friends. We may let followers send you private messages, but we may prioritize messages from friends by highlighting them in a different color or something along those lines. Of course, any activities your friends are a part of on the site will show up on your activity feed.

Groups? Clubs? Clans?
We're unsure of what we'll call it, but some time AFTER the public AG3 launch, we'd like to build the idea of a "club" or "group" setup where someone can create a group and invite people to it. These could be used for game tournaments, etc. where the players wouldn't have to be friends or followers to share comments and ideas. Users will be able to join as many of these groups as they like. Any group activity will show up in your activity feed.

Spam, noise, clutter
You'll be able to filter out whose items you want to see, or not, which games you want to see, or not, etc. For example, maybe your best friend JoeUser likes to create 100 new levels for Light Bot 2 every day, and you don't play LB2 ... you can filter out LB2 messages without filtering JoeUser completely.

Larry has also talked about giving you the ability to "ban" users from your profile page, or from seeing your activities, even if they're following you on the site.

More to come!

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