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As the name implies, this a build/guide that is trying to use monarchy in colony. I notice people usually use facist regardless of whether they build and outpost or a forge. Communist and capitalist users are scarce and I have yet to see a monarchy user (correct me if I'm wrong). Instead of using the regular facist class, I'm deciding on trying to make a pure monarch build or guide. This is still a prototype build so I would appreciate suggestions on how to improve it.

These are the buildings and units I use in my build:
A must have. Provides the early acceleration if money to build those costly spec ops buildings and for late game supply if you want to use missiles later

Provides electricity or whatever you call it. Build it only if your planning on using the missiles or else its pretty much a waste of space in modes that restricts them

Spec op building
The backbone of this build. This is the building that would be churning out your units. The units cost influence as opposed to regular units. Also builds missiles to launch at your opponents (doesn't work during cold war or safe skies mode).

Special Ops Squad
Costs 35 influence and builds some special marines, snipers and medics. What I usually spam build. Can pack quite a punch especially used in groups of two or more.

Costs the same as your spec ops squad. Its a sniper that's better than your average sniper. Does higher damage compared to your regular sniper and shots at a slightly further distance (I think). Haven't implemented this unit in my strategy or build so suggestions on how to use it would be cool.

A-27 Pride
Costs 40 influence.Something like a A-28 Gladiator I think. Not very sure the extent and capabilities of this unit so if anyone knows please do tell. I have used this unit a few times and find it quite overpowering. Usually used along with a few spec ops squads.

Modified Sakata
Costs 50 influence and is a unit I don really use. Its like your average sakata Mk II anti air unit but better I guess. Problem is its high cost doesn't allow me to stockpile it to be used in a mass attack.

That's a how I see my units and buildings in term of use and importance. On to my build!
1. Tell your ally what your planning to do and that you need cover
2. Build a bank and let it do its job
3. Once you have enough money, build your spec ops building.
4. When that is done, use your influence points to build a few
spec op squads to ease the load on your ally.
5. Set your spec op building to collect influence.
6. While your collecting influence, use the money that your bank
collected to build a few other spec ops building.
7. Set the new spec ops buildings to collect influence.
8. Once you have enough influence, build as much units as your
resources allow following your needs.
9. If your not playing cold war or safe skies, launch a few
missiles using the money and electricity you have but if you
are, skip this step.
10. Give the signal for you and your ally to attack.

I've tried this a few times alone against hard cpu's and won all of the matches. In multiplayer games, I won 3/4 of my online games so I guess it ain't that bad. This is just a general build so you'll have to adapt to the needs of the match. I'll add more when I've done more testing. Hope this helps and suggestions would be appreciated. Oh yeah, I'm kinda new to this btw.

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You should use monarch with either an average Forge or Outpost builds, Use Generator/War Sancs to deploy your units.

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One note: Monarchs or Special Units are best in Safe Skies if used properly. Missiles usually end them pretty quick.

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