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With AG3, we're going to be using a third-party service which will allow users log into Armor Games using other login credentials such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, MyOpenID, and more!

You'll be able to link any (or all) of those services to your Armor Games account so you can log in using any of those accounts. It's not REQUIRED that you do so -- you can always log in with your existing Armor Games username and password -- but it might make your life easier, especially for users who already have accounts at any of those sites and want an easier way to log in at Armor Games.

If you use this new method to log in, you'll be able to tell us whether you already have an Armor Games account, and then give you the opportunity to log in with your existing account, which ties those bits of information together. If you don't have an account yet, it'll walk you through the registration process.

It's a pretty neat service, and we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts during the beta process.

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