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Effective Immediately: (updated May 27, 2011)

Any alternate accounts created for the purpose of joining a GhostOf/Angel/Wolf/G33k/etc 'Clan' for multiplayer games like Exit Path or Colony or any other/future multiplayer games MUST abide by the following rules. General users are not allowed to have alternate accounts for any other purpose on Armor Games than for playing multiplayer games.

1. All alternate accounts MUST be declared on your primary profile's biography. The alternate account must also specify and link back to your main account. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. If you are giving up your old 'main' account to use your new alternate account ONLY, then we must disable your primary account. Contact an admin to perma-ban your old main account. You will lose all points, saved game progress, premium content and other benefits. If you decide later that you want your old main account revived, your message posting history of your alternate account will be fully deleted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Alternate accounts in this scenario may keep their profile comments open if they choose.

3. If you intend to KEEP your old 'main' account active as well, then your new alternate account is NOT ALLOWED to post any message on the site (forums, game comments or user comments). Also, your alternate account's profile comments must be CLOSED from receiving incoming profile message. NO EXCEPTIONS. If we see your comments are left on, we will close them. If you re-open them, your alternate account will be banned.

Breaking any of these rules will result in your alternate account being immediately perma-banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Q: Why is Armor Games being so strict about this?
A: These rules are being put in place to help combat even more spam by users who feel the need to post comments on Ghost/Angel profiles, when those Ghost/Angel profiles are not permitted to respond, and to avoid confusion from other users by restricting alternate accounts from posting comments.

Q: I play multiplayer games. Am I *required* to create alternate accounts?
A: We will never *require* users to create alternate accounts. Some members are choosing to create these accounts so part of the 'clan' name exists in their username.

Q: The Terms and Conditions say that Armor Games will "reserve the right to limit each player to one alternate account per multiplayer game." So we can create one alternate account for Exit Path, and another account for Colony?
A: Yes, you are permitted to make one alternate account for each multiplayer game, but you must declare ALL of those alternates on your 'main' account's profile, and each alternate account's biography must link back to your main account. In this scenario, all alternate accounts are subject to rule #3 above: the alternate accounts are NOT PERMITTED to post forum/user/game comments and must have their profile comments closed.

Q: How do we tell the group leaders to add our alts?
A: If you are keeping your 'main' account, you must contact their main account from your main account. If you are having your main account shut off, you can contact their main account from your alternate account. If the group leader does not have a regular 'main' account, you can contact their alternate account.

Q: I want to disable my old account and only use my new account. How do I get my old account shut off?
A: Contact Cormyn or Jroyster22 from the Email address associated with your old account. When we confirm your Email account with your old AG account, we will perma-ban the account. Your previous message history will remain on the site, but you will lose access to any saved game progress, credit for creating gameshares, or access to any premium content you purchased, for that account.

Q: If I close my 'main' account, can I post messages as my alternate account?
A: Yes, but only if your alternate account's biography specifies what your old account was, and that this is your new primary account.

Q: I changed my mind or left a Clan. How can I shut off my alternate account?
A: Contact Cormyn or Jroyster22 from the Email address associated with your alternate account. We will confirm your Email address, and shut off the account. You will lose your saved game progress, credit for creating gameshares, and access to any premium content you purchased for the alternate account.

Q: Can I make my 'main' account my 'alternate' account, and make my 'alternate' account my new 'main' account?
A: Yes, just say so in the biographies of both profiles, but you must specify each account in the biography of the other.

Q: Is there a preferred method of writing this stuff in our biography?
A: Something like this would suffice:
On your main account:

This is my main account. I have alternate accounts for playing multiplayer games:
______ is my username for playing Exit Path.
______ is my username for playing Colony.

The on your alternate account, something like this:
This is my alternate account for Exit Path.
My main account is _________.
My comments are closed to comply with AG Rules about Clan accounts.

Q: Can I have my 'ghost' account be my 'main' account, and still have another alternate account to play anonymously?
A: No, since users are only permitted to have one alternate account per multiplayer game. If, however, you have one 'clan' account for one game, and another 'clan' account for a DIFFERENT game, and no other account, you can declare one of those as your 'main' account, and follow the above rules for biography messages and posting rules.

Q: Can I transfer the points from my main/alternate account if I have an admin close that account?
A: No, those points will be lost.

Q: Are alternate accounts allowed to rate games?
A: Yes.

Q: If I have 'ghost' or 'angel' in my username, but do not play those games, am I permitted to post in the forums or leave game/user comments?
A: If that is your 'main' account (or only account) then yes, but you should add a note to your profile biography saying that you are not affiliated with any clan of a similar name and that this is your only account.

Q: I don't have access to my old Email account any more. How do I shut off my main/alternate account?
A: We cannot disable accounts if you Email us from a different Email account. You must follow all of the rules mentioned above.

Q: I heard AG3 will have groups/clans. How will things work when that feature is built?
A: We're going to build a way to 'merge' accounts on AG3 for all of these 'clan' accounts so the game progress on your clan account will be present on your main account (provided you're keeping both accounts). Once merged, your main account can then join as many of these game-related groups as they like. You can join the discussion in the AG3 forum about groups.

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