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This, as said, is the Rules & Guide to Being Awesome in 'Movies and Music' thread. Which happens to this part of the forum! Wow, what a coincidence.
There are a few basic rules to start down the "Path of Awesome," and they more or less are the same for all the other ones.

**Basic Rules**
1) Spelling and grammar- Spelling and grammar should be kept at a reasonably high level. I know not everyone can have perfect spelling/grammar in every post...but try your best. It makes it easier for everyone. How is someone going to reply to your sweet topic if it looks like you smashed your head off of the keyboard a couple times?
2) Respect- It goes a long way here and everywhere else on the forums. Be respectful of other members and their likes/dislikes. So if someone says that they hate your favorite movie or band, do not instantly start to ridicule them. Instead, ask them why they feel that way or provide them with reasons why said thing is actually pretty darn awesome.
3) Post length- Please try to maintain an average post length of 10 words. Anything less is not constructive at all, and has the potential to be considered spam. Try to add valid points and details in your posts. This will be explained more later on.
4) Redundant threads- Please look through the first few pages of topics before making a new thread. Chances are that someone might off already made a thread about what you want to talk about. Any threads that are made which already have an existing and established topic will be locked and directed to the other one.

That about does it for the basic rules! Now on to the:

**Path of Awesome**

There are many things that must be taken in consideration when making new topics and posting here to get one on the 'Path of Awesome.' Oh, you want to know how to achieve "Awesome" status? Ok then! Read on!

When making a new thread please try to put some thought into it. There really is no need to make a thread about "I Hate {Insert subject here}!" If you really feel the need to though, make sure to explain in decent detail why. Just saying in the first post "i really hate {Subject} because they suck!" is not a good thing.
Also, please try to refrain from making even more VS threads. Most of them end up being borderline spam. Yet if you feel like making one, refer to VS Thread Rules for proper creation and posting skills. Which brings me to...
When posting in a thread make sure to have relevant posts that actually have a point. Just saying something like "They suck/are awesome" or "I agree with {Member name}." are very, very bad posts. Posts like that may be considered spam and deleted. As a general rule, at least 10 words with some substance to them is the minimum requirement to start being Awesome. I know that I already mentioned this in the the Rules part...but it really needs to be addressed twice.
Try your best to be awesome and you very well may succeed! It really is not all that hard, it just simply takes some thinking and effort. As shown, there are only a handful of basics that one must do when here to achieve "Awesome" status. Do them, and you will receive true happiness*.

Now get posting!

*True happiness not guaranteed residents of the planet Earth

[Written by Devoidless]

Lately, many threads have been created to compare different popular media fads and whatnot. With these threads there must be rules! Of course there are the original rules of the site such as no flaming, spamming, trolling, etc. But there are more.

-In each thread you must elaborate on your choice. For example, if in "Battle of the Bands," you are asked to compare Metallica and Kiss. You would make your decision BUT you must explain why. More than one sentence will be mandatory!

-Any other rules (decided by thread creator) MUST be explained in the opening post. All comments that do not meet requirement WILL BE deleted by me or another moderator.

-These threads are meant to be fun! We don't need any intense arguments! Debates are welcome, but keep any insults and cussing to yourself.

Current "Battle of the ......" threads include,
Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Songs
Battle of the Movies
Battle of the Actors

[Written by Estel]

We expect our forums to be diverse. We expect opinions to be shared, ideas and views to be expressed, and sometimes the occasional lulz. When you simply rate the (insert word here) above you, you do none of the above. You prevent the community from being diverse and fun.

Untill people can be unique and post their own threads, instead of copying the same idea over and over, all rate above threads shall be locked/deleted!

[Written by NoNameC68]

Ok, this really should not be considered a new rule just for VS threads. is a general rule for the rest of the forums.

When posting in a thread here where the topic is something like "ABBA vs Metallica," you really need to put down more than just one word. Also, any repeats of existing VS threads will be directed to the original one and then locked.

Examples of bad responses are:
- Metallica!!!
- Metallica/ABBA FTW!!
- Metallica/ABBA lol

Examples of good responses are:
- Metallica/ABBA is a better band because the songs are classic and had great meanings to the songs.
- Metallica is great because..{Insert decent reason here}. ABBA is not all that great because...{Insert decent reason here}.

These rules and examples are not just restricted to band versus band threads. They also apply to artist versus artist, instrument versus instrument, movie versus movie, and so on.

Any thread from here on out which does not adhere to afore mentioned rules and guidelines has the likelihood of being locked.

[Written by Devoidless]

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