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this is an rpg game inspired by suzzane collins's hunger games series.

you are a child that is sent into an arena with 11 other kids (yes i know i changed it a bit). in the arena your goal is to survive and be the last one alive. while in the arena you will get supplies from sponsors such as weapons medicine and so on. but beware, the makers of the brutal games may set upon terrifying events which will draw you back to the fight if you try to run away. you can make alliances until you need tofight your own allies or u can be by yourself. and all of this is on live tv for the rest of the nation.

ladies and gentleman, the hunger games have begun.

personal charateristics
age: (13-16, it may some times be important)
bio: (only if you want)
items (you dont start with any)

special gear:

fav. weapon (pick one: bow, mace, sword, spear, axe, dagger,
your own suggestion for weapon)

survival perks: (pick one: plant and herb identification, game finding, movement tracking, camofalgue, shelter making, your own suggestion)

athletic perk: (pick TWO: swimming, fighting, climbing, running, your suggestion)

im looking for 3-6 players to join before I start, if you join plz tell others to join too.

if you join dont just leave the rpg and ignore it. I promise to make it awesome

character sheet

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