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i think that you should get :
- Armor Points -
Rating a Game: 4 AP
Game Comment: 4 AP
Posting in the Forums: 2 AP
Referall: 15 AP
Submitting a Game: 25 AP
Merit: 30 AP

instead of

- Armor Points -
Rating a Game: 2 AP
Game Comment: 2 AP
Posting in the Forums: 1 AP
Referall: 10 AP
Submitting a Game: 20 AP
Merit: 25 AP

because when you post a form, you only get 1 AP which quite frankley is barley anything. i think this is wat the points should be.

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Jeremy, we always encourage members to come up with new ideas. They belong in the Support and Suggestions area of the forum.

To address your suggestions. The APs should not be increased in any area except MAYBE the forums. Generally forum posts are longer than comments.

With rating a game and game comments, they are constantly spammed. We are considering reducing profile comment APs down to Zero. The referrals, submitting, and merits are good where they are. 25 APs is more than adequate for a merit that takes you no more than 5-10 minutes to type. Technically you could write 20 in one sitting and it wouldn't take that long. That would be 500 APs.

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