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I think Armor Games 3 (AG3) can be the future of Gaming (or part of it at least). I know a few other sites already have more extensive social capabilities but AG3 will have more social capabilities too (activity stream, statuses, etc.).

Video Games have been in the socially realm for sometime now (with Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox, being the first big name consoles to include online gaming and with World of Warcraft and the increase of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)

Think of Facebook. Remember how many people started playing and talking about Farmville? Millions right? People probably enjoyed it because they were playing with their friends. But Facebook is a socializing platform first and a gaming platform second.
Now think what Armor Games 3 can be (what it looks like it's headed toward as well). It's a gaming site first and a social site second. It's focus is gaming but it's now incorporating more social elements. That's what gives the gaming experience more depth. It will be like playing games on Facebook only with more depth and focus on and in the games and more gaming elements. It's what people want, and what the gaming industry has been doing. Social gaming.
Imagine posting status like "Playing this game come join me", or "Play me in this game." and then your friends join you. You can boast a high score and see what your friends are up to. (Sure you won't be using your real name, but they are your online friends.)

I think that free, online , social, gaming, is the future of gaming and AG3 will deliver!

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