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Your ship has crashed on an abandoned planet. Little that you and your crew know that the planet is indeed populated...By bloodthirsty creatures. The bad news is, you guys are no soldiers...Your engineers. The good news is that there are lots of spare parts to use. So grab your chosen parts and start building!

First encountered on day 1. The backbone of the entire horde. They come in great numbers, usually at around 6+ per wave. They are not very hard to kill and would take about 2 hits of a Nailgun to down.
First encountered in day 2. They are the kamikaze bombers of the horde. They usually charge at your unit and blow up killing other units caught in the blast radius. Can be easily killed by a Nailgun just like the Runner.
Encountered in day 3. They burrow underneath your units and only come out when they are very close to your units. They cannot be shot while burrowed which they use to their advantage. But even for their skills in hiding, they can easily be killed by flamethrowers.
Encountered in day 4. They walk slowly to your units but do not underestimate them. They have high health and come in big numbers. Nothing much to say here. Just be careful.

The cheapest weapon to acquire. It fires a nail with extreme accuracy. Bad when alone but can crush an entire horde in groups. They also make a good support unit due to their fast fire rate.
The most helpful weapon in the game. It fires packs of flares at the enemy and has a small blast radius. It is more powerful when aided by the Fuel Launcher because it can set enemies on fire when they are coated in fuel.
As the name implies, this weapon launches fuel at the enemies coating them. After which, enemies coated in fuel can be burned with a Flaregun. They also slow down enemies.
Need I say more?
This weapon is used to push enemies back while instantly killing the first enemy who gets caught in its blast. Great for giving your units more time to attack. Used as support. Weak at front lines and only useful in hordes.
This weapon is like a sniper rifle. It instantly kills enemies and pierces through them killing everything in its path. Useful in huge hordes due to its medium/fast fire rate.

This uses a large kinetic blast that pushes enemies back. Useful in huge hordes and to give your units more shots and some more seconds to live ()
This bot uses an auto cannon to help your units fight. Sadly, it has an 18 second timer but will help as long as that its last 18 seconds can be used for support.
Same as the bot except that this one uses the same bullet as the Beam Cutter. Timer lasts for 29(30) seconds.
Your very own crash ship fires Beams to enemies piercing through them and killing them instantly. Timer lasts for 9(10).


*Its 11:20 pm (Philippines time). Too sleepy to continue. You could provide the levels walkthrough if you want but I have to go snooze of. Probably posting level help tomorrow
*For the mistakes (if there are any). Please read first asterisk

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I didn't know Philippine nights lasted for 9 days...

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I don't remember the specifics like numbers, but I can roughly describe:

Level 1:
Introduction basically. All the waves are runners. Play whatever you want, really. You'll be introduced to the nailgun, flare gun (I think) and repulsor, and maybe sentry drone?. Massing nailguns works pretty well; you might want to throw in flareguns for the later waves where they get really dense (the splash then pays off), but this level is easy seeing as it's the first.

Level 2:
Introduces the burster. The waves are all runners mixed with bursters. Introduces the fuel can launcher and the sentinel (the higher level drone). Tactics work about the same as the previous one; don't let the bursters get close because that's when they blow up. They have a small splash so they can kill a lot.

Level 3: Introduces the hunter. The waves are initially all hunters, but near the end they transition to hunter + burster and then maybe even hunter + burster + runner? It also introduces the flamethrower. (More in depth description: The flamethrower has a very short range, but wide, coverage of fire. It deals damage at very close distances, but it pushes some enemies, such as hunters, backwards slightly. It fires continuously, like a stream, when in range, holding enemies at bay. I don't think it has splash, although it would logically have such an effect in real life.) In the beginning, you have to use flamethrowers until you have 9 or so. Add your preferred weapons of choice against bursters at that point, because bursters own flamethrowers (the flamethrowers are so short ranged, they can only start shooting when the burster is already close enough to blow up, making the flamethrower almost completely useless against the burster despite its pushback effect). You want to have enough long-ranged backup to handle the bursters for sure. Don't spam repulses because that support power is relatively ineffective vs hunters (it tends to just push the hunters out of the flamethrower's range; again since the flamethrower is so short ranged, repulse doesn't work so well). The bursters start coming in around the middle. You will have some REALLY big waves at the end so try to use flaregun + fuel launcher. Again build this up until you have a comfortable stand vs bursters, for me this was 4-6 flaregun/fuel launcher pairs. Then you have to just start filling in wherever your people seem deficient, I didn't have enough of either unit at the end. (The final wave is massive; loads of hunters and bursters. Repulse works well vs bursters but not so well vs hunters, so on the very last wave I spammed repulse continuously while deploying sentry or sentinel frequently.)

I haven't gotten through the other levels yet =] I'll add more if I remember to do so.

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Level 4:
introduces the infected. Also introduces the imploder, which is meant to be the primary weapon against them. If you didn't like the super close up fighting of the previous level with the hunters, you'll love this one, which is pretty much all extended-reach combat at nailgun range or better.
In the beginning you'll just want to go all imploder. The imploders will develop a kill line - basically a green line in the sand of dead infected stains, right at the edge of their communal firing zones. (No joke, after a few waves this really does begin to form) They'll kill only one infected at a time but all the others get pushed back until they walk up to the kill line. If an infected gets past the kill line, something is up (I didn't see an infected get past the kill line at all, although the line did fluctuate as I moved my imploders around to make room for more.). As long as the wave is all infected, the imploders will be fine: no matter how many infected there are, they'll just keep getting pushed back. The problem, of course, is the imploder's high cost, which makes getting a lot of them a slow slow process.
The first massive wave (tenth, with 80 infected) is an example of how easy the infected waves are. A few infected will probably make it past the kill line, and this will demonstrate how the imploders' weakness: they don't fire too fast, so if a single guy, with nobody around him/her, walks up to absorb the shot, the repulse wave will be wasted. While the imploder recharges for another shot, the other guys will start to get closer and closer. Some of them will probably bypass the kill line. Don't worry though, for this wave you're fine if you have 7 imploders or so. (Which is the exact number you should have.)
After that massive wave, you'll start seeing runners + infected. The runners will be the "single guys" in that description above, so you need to now start switching to more long-ranged, rapid firing units. (Runners are fast too, so they do the taking-fire job very well.) I encourage heavy use of fuel can/flare gun again. Fuel can works great in general, and as the waves get bigger you'll see a lot of people get slowed. The burn effect of flare gun is also noticeable against infected, who actually have enough HP to survive a few seconds under fire, while burning.
Eventually the runners will be replaced by bursters, which are even faster; don't worry though. If your defense stood up to runners, it'll hold fine against bursters, who die even faster if i recall correctly. Plus you have the imploders preventing the bursters from getting close. The main problem is that the bursters will be getting way past the kill line (being so fast) and draw imploder fire, but the burning infected will still be held back, so you'll be fine still.
If you can handle increasing numbers of bursters, you'll be fine. There's no frightening trap in the final wave where it suddenly goes hunter+infected and you have to have flamethrowers ready or you'll die (READ: THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN, HUNTERS NEVER APPEAR IN THIS LEVEL), so this one I found pretty easy. Near the end, I strongly recommend playing with beam surge just because it's so fun. You'll probably have the money since this one's not too hard.

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Level 5: Where as the previous levels followed a theme (level 3 introduced hunter so you had to learn how to use flamethrower, same for infected and the imploder), the fifth one is a bit all over. That makes sense, of course, since it's the last. The last weapon, the beam cutter, is introduced here.
The first 10 waves are all runner/burster. After that you'll be dealing with all four types of enemy. Use flare gun and fuel launcher defenses to cover yourself against these long-distance enemies. Try to minimize your defense and only build what you need to survive; saving money will be good if the next wave turns out to have a surprise new twist. Don't hesitate to use repulsor in these early waves; it's very effective on bursters and what not. Everything should be dying well before it gets close to you. If you do choose to buy some beam cutters in this phase of play, try to aim their lines of fire into the center to maximize their "cut-ups". The beam cutters will seem overpriced for most of the waves, but as they get bigger, the cutting effect gets really impressive. I remember seeing 6 bursters explode in a line at once.
After the tenth wave, infected and hunters will join the party. Get your imploders ready for then, and flamethrowers too. If you have beam cutters, you can afford to go a bit lighter on the imploders . Hunters are easier than they appear thanks to imploder support (imploders being a midrange unit, they have a reasonably wide fan of fire that works on close-range hunters, but their repulse effect won't affect hunters that are still buried, and they still can't shoot hunters until they rise out of the sand), but you'll need to lay on the flamethrower either way, and don't hesitate to use repulsors to buy yourself more time. Once you have about five or six imploders (and obviously you have enough flaregun + fuel launcher to survive against the bursters), just go all flamethrower til the final wave. You'll have to start watching out for bursters running up to the flamethrowers, so make liberal use of the repulsor waves.

NOTE: So far my only play through is on easy. The levels are harder on other modes of course. But it's always nice to know.

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