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Hey everybody. I'm pretty sure that not a lot of people know me here, but I had a great idea for an RPG while reading. If you've ever read the Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) series, I'm pretty sure you will recognize this idea. If not, but you just like mythology, this is also a great game for you!

Story-The gods have been around forever. only, they have been in different forms forever. They were in Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the northern areas with the vikings. You, are a child of these great gods. You have been leading a troubled life forever, with the ADHD and the Dyslexia. that's your battle reflexes and your brain hardwired for your God parent's language. Good thing too, as you have been attacked by monsters these past few days. You managed to escape, barely. Then, your parent came to you in a dream and told you where to go to meet someone to help you in your journey. They gave you a weapon (You choose, explained later) and a few supplies in a backpack. This is the beginning of your adventure.

Character Sheet-
Origin: (Norse, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman)
Specific God: (hopefully, you know your mythology and can pick a god. if not, I'll reccomend some.)
Stats: (This is your speed, strength, dexterity, Charisma, and Intelligence. You have 60 points for these, and your god can modify these. I will tell you how they are modified.)
Weapon of Choice: (You can usually use a bunch of weapons, but this is the weapon your god parent gave you. You use this one better than everything else. Can be a gun, a bow, a sword, etc...)
EquipmentYou start with some nectar and ambrosia [Which heal you, food of the gods and all] some regular food, and 10 gold coins [god money] and $50)
Powers: (based on your god, I will tell you some if you don't know any. You may pick a few, not too many, and I will modify your powers if you are too powerful)
Languages: (origin language, and american.)

Ok then. Thanks for taking the time to read through this. I'd like to see some people playing this! welcome to my game!

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