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well i was thinking we give tons to the player and the users of the site. but we give nothing but 20 AP to the game Develpor who spense hour and hours every day for posably even a mouth or so makeing a game and has to put a lot ove work in to it plus usally has to pay a lot of money for the programmer and even maybe for lessons and has to ether way learn a new langguae practily to make any of the games on this site. sherh it is very fun to do so and to see people play your game but we seem to almost "neglekt" the people that make this site even have games. if we could some who make this site at lest a little more more programmer friendly and give them (or us i geuss) more to want to make games for this site more because it is fun and benefits you to give a game to this site in comparison to others and make this a abode for players and programmers alike. because with out them this site would be a stick in the sand or boring! (well this comminety is wonderfull )

how to do this is hard and it seem like would get more people sending bad quality games but it would make more people that give better quilty come to the site! we have to programing part of the forum (it is not much but it does.) meybe makeing that better and when the clans/groups are made (if they are) some groups for the programers.
but meybe a title like the mods/adms do that says &quotrogramer" or "game developer" and for the real employs of AG "AG progammer/Game developer" or some thing. plus better acses to some things like AGI and so just things to make it easyer to program for AG or some thing. I don;t now realy but some thing but some thing.
(sorry for any bad spelling )

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