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(+) means ur game is no longer valid for high scores.

Version 1.05 and Above:

venture capital - adds $100k to your money (+)
cashing in my options - adds $100m to ur money (+)
crash - sends all your money down to the big fat zero (+)

send in the clowns - everyone is a clown
reaping the benefits - every one is a grim reaper
stop the silly - turns everyone normal again if they were a clown or reaper

Version 1.07 and above

research frenzy - all reasearch is done ( no more reasearches now LOL) (+)

catzilla - all cats are 3x bigger

moar catz - adds 50 cats to your game (+) (and PS. thats how u do spell the cheat code, every cheat code is spelt correctly)

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