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I made this before, and it died because I left. But I shall now remake it! The point is give users that you like respect. We have a big list of users, and you get to decide who goes to the top of the list, or in this case: totem pole. You get 3 turns. Each turn you bump a user up the totem pole (You move them one spot higher). You can't move the same person up multiple times. You have to move up 3 different people. Also, your posts can't contain the same three people you bumped last time. At least one user has to be different.

When you comment, you must join the totem pole, and use your 3 turns.
You cannot bump yourself up
You cannot bump the same person up multiple times
You must wait for 2 other posts before you post again. (The posts can't be User1, User2, User1, User3, User1. They need to be User1, User2, User3, then User1 again)
You can't bump up the same 3 people every time

AG Totem Pole
(When you post add your name here)

Once we get 8 members on the totem pole, we will start bumping users up and down. So for now, just add your list to the bottom (yes, really, the bottom. Suck it up), and keep checking for members to join, AND TELL OTHER USERS TO JOIN. =D

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