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i liked planet creator v2 so i decided to create my own version. all the planets are going to be earth size and start with a population of 10,000. to make the planets just follow the example

planet name:
plant life:
sector: (1 2 3 or 4)
weapons tech: (starts at 0 i will decide as it goes up or down, o is fists, 1 would be rocks clubs and spears, 2 would be like medieval europe, 3 would be like pirate weapons, and so on)
tech: ( starts at 0 and progresses up, its technology other than weapons)
liveability: (how easy it is to live on your planet, starts at 0 and goes up for problems like extreme weather bandits or (if people agree that it would be fun to have them) zombie attacks

if it gets to difficult for me to keep track of things i will get rid of things

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