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this is my page can you beat it

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is a 13 year old Male in in the streets of L.A. and is ranked #122 out of 76,939 users

AIM: to get a 360,ps3 and a wii
MSN: my email is
Yahoo: justintime4koala
XBOX Live: have an xbox but no xbox live
Wii: nope
PS3: have a psp not ps3
SteamID: whut is this is it like somthing you use when you foot is sore or when you go to a spa?
prez and c.e.o. of the new club and ranked as Garudian of non spam.
prez and c.e.o. of the music club and i am ranked as music masta.

_NEW CLUB!!!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
preident: psprockz
presidents help:iskane
vice preisdent: bunny200
vice presidents help:damasta333
secretary: austinc
secretary help: oscynk
tresurer: switchfoot
tresurer help: lil_gangsta_blaze
high memberssprockz,bunny200.switchfoot,austinc,iskane,damasta333,lil _gangsta_blaze,oscynk
all memberssprockz,bunny200,iskane,austinc,switchfoot,damasta333,madgamer0
if you want to know more info regarding this culb or you want to be a member please notify me by leaving a comment on my page or e-mailing me
remember first come first serve so if you ask sooner can be the high members.if you want your name in the"this could be you" please leave me a comment on my page saying so.oh and if you want more info on the club you can also ask other members not just me.if you are a member please put a mod help sign at the top of your user page and also put your ranking status which is shown here:
300ap=mod helper
400ap=mods choice of help
500ap=high member
600ap=almost a mods star helper
700ap=mods star helper
800ap=trustworthy member
900ap=advancded help
1000ap=gardian of the non spam
2000ap=tresureres choice
3000ap=secretary's help
4000ap=vp's visual aid
5000ap=presidents choice
6000ap and up=mod worthy


i am a good kid i get a A's and i am very good at video games. i like reading and i in trust others triupmh. i play basket ball.Goals our to get into the monthly leaderborads and get over 1000ap's . http//
also i will not be here during school hours and will most likely be here on mondays and tuesdays so if you need anything regarding me i will not be able to respond until later...........
music club
i am starting a music club yo were we talk about about music and all that applies to it.We will have a fourm in the tavern for members or want-to-bes simalar to my other clubs fourm post.
vice president:bunny200
tresuer:this could be you
new music informat:this could be you
high memberssprockz,bunny200,ngfan14
regular members:
100-199ap=music man/girl
300-399ap=music mixer
400-499ap=music dude/dudet
500-599ap=music fanatic
600-699ap=music info
700-799ap=soudja boy
900-999ap=sweet sound
1000-1999ap=music masta
2000-2999ap=up-to-date music
3000-3999ap=prez music
4000-4999ap=music playa
5000ap and up=music artist
this weeks song topic is the song: fake it

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this weeks song topic is the song: fake it

psprockz says:

Posted at 9:48am on 5/1/2008
this weeks song topic is the song: fake it

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psprockz says:

Posted at 9:40am on 5/1/2008
and once agian my rank went down.......not for long...........

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nick_coolhaha says:

Posted at 10:34pm on 4/30/2008
No, because you told me what it meant when I didn't know what it meant, so thanks for telling me what it means.

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nick_coolhaha says:

Posted at 8:24pm on 4/30/2008
Oh, okay thanks a lot for the information. I really appreciate it.

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bunny200 says:

Posted at 7:08pm on 4/30/2008

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This is just a spam... you are only copying and pasting your page... Its a spam and should be locked. It is pretty much pointless

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