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You came from the Magical Guilds of the three,The Archers:The most acurrate of the three.The Warriors:The strongest of the three.And the Wizards:The most Magical of the three.

You are the next generation of your guild.Pick now or be doomed as a Mortal
Your house which had your mom and dad in it was destroyed when you and your brother Lucky were out fishing for fish.When you got home you saw the wreckage and you went inside to find your parents.but all you saw was rubble.You and your brother searched for days and eventually found the bodies of your parents.But suddenly the looters came were Raging about your parents death when you screamed and fire came out of your finger tips.You pointed your fingers at the looters and suddenly felt so tired as the fire left from you and shot like a speeding bullet to the looters.You suddenly remembered what your dad had whispered to himself when you were five.

Soon i will train you but not today.Not today though.You are to young to begin training.
And from that out burst of magic.Your brother told you what you were and what your father was.Your dad was a wizard and you are still unknown to the guilds.He said you needed to leave soon before the guards came and took you away for using magic and from that point on you have been traveling.Looking for a place to settle down but you can find no one to help you.But still you search.So pick your destiny of good or evil and fight for your life.


No talking or messing with other people
You must pick either a archer,wizard,or warrior

Character set:

Weapon:Something simple for you Guild(Archer:Any kind of bow)(Warrior/Rouge:Any kind of sword or dagger)(Wizard:Staffs and magic weapons)
Secondary weaponsagger or throwing daggers
Items:Water,Bread,and a map to the land
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