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Can I just state that the new AG site looks amazing? I like the new color scheme and the layout of the site, suffice to say the developers did an amazing job with it.

Things I like:
1) Placement of the ads: Banner ads have a tendency of being rollover ads, and when going down to your game they occasionally activate. The new layout of ads (as of yet) seems to work functionally without getting in the way.

2) Facebook style profile: needs no explanation really...

3) Page layout: From the ads, to the placement of the game thumbnails, to the games themselves and the profile page it seems extremely well done! But...

Things that could change (in my opinion):

1) My friends list is in the followers section or followed section, will this be changed?

2)Though I have no problems with the layout of the front page, a good idea would be to create collapsible menus, everything starts collapsed allowing quick search of the game type desired by the player.

3)When I clicked most popular games I saw a game with only 57 plays (???) probably just a bug but, meh...

All in all, it is a terrific improvement over v.2, this is my evaluation as of yet, can't wait to see the completed version.

So far, so good...

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