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I have been spending a lot of time playing the sequel to Stick RPG and the new game is great so I decided to make a walkthrough of it.

I have played this game on and it is somewhere on the front page there.

The main goal is to get all the 4D objects and give them to the professor and then he will give you a key to the lab. But that will all be explained later.

There is no special name for your stick guy like the first game. But stats do matter a lot. I would recommend to have charm as your highest stat since it is the hardest to get. What to choose for your special ability thing depends on how you are going to play the game. But whatever you do DON'T pick socially awkward interpretative
dancer unless you want to make things a lot harder for yourself.
You first probably want to just walk around (hold shift to run/skateboard/hoverboard) and try to remember where things are since the whole layout is a lot different then the first game.
You start out getting a job at McSticks and I think every 5 shifts that you work there you can ask for a promotion.
On street 2 there is the University where you can study or take a class or work out in the gym. You will need the strength and or intelligence for different jobs.
One thing that I have forgot to talk about is the karma, you can have either positive or negative karma in the game and that could effect the jobs that you get. Things like buying the fake ID will give you negative karma but buying the regular ID for 25 dollars more will give you positive karma. There is other ways for karma stuff but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

Here are the weapons in the game and how to get them.

-Old Baseball Bat: Steel and Hawks
-Major League Bat: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Hall of Fame Bat: Max Drug Dealer Profession
-Ornamental Katana Sword : Steel and Hawks
-Carbon Steel Katana: Gun Dealer Street 2
-The Masamune: Max Xgen Profession
-Sledge hammer: *
-Pistol : Steel and Hawks
-Glock pistol: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Single Barrel Shotgun: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Double Barrel Shotgun: Gangster HQ
-Combat Shotgun: Max Cop profession
-Machine Gun: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Ak 47: Warehouse
-Secret Weapon: Beating Hitman
*Collect sledgehammer by giving toilet roll to guy in skys bar,

Thees jobs need positive karma What you get for making out jobs
Police Man Combat Shotgun
Doctor Stethoscope

Natural Karma
Mcsticks McSticks food card
Pizza Deliverer Free slice of Pizza
Pro Skateboarder Pro skateboard
Xgen Designer he masamune(weapon)
Milk Man Cow Bell
Rock star Platinum Record

Negative Karma
hacker the internet
pimp pimp hat
Hitman secret weapon

List of how to get all 4 trophemon:
- Give pizza from Joes and Shake from McSticks to club dj at around 5 pm
- Give Grand slam burger to construction worker by casino, use ladder on lady with lost
- Give busker on street 2 change 10-11 times
- Get cuban cigars cigarettes and lighter from dealer street 2, give to vinnies body guard
Once you have all 4 trophemon give them all to either the hippies in the square outside
your basment on street 1 for positive karma, or to the millionaire at the end of the
condos at night on street 2. in return for hoverboard

There are many ways to get the 4d objects
Go to Professor ansel at the back on the University, he will start the mission for you
4d Hyper cube: Either
-Beat the yellow guy at chess in U of S
-Give the prince money to bail out of jail at police station (I wouldn't recommend this)
-Buy from guy who randomly appears in casino
Klein bottle: Either
- Give the depressed guy on far right of street 1 self help book, he gives squegie give to
guy by dumpsters on street 3.
- Fight the guy at the bar in the club
- Buy from guy who randomly appears in casino
Mobius strip: Either
- Give the guy outside condos at night 3 coca, (negative karma)
- Give police 3 coca (positive karma)
- Buy from guy who randomly appears in casino.
When you have all 3 objects, only require 1 of each, give back to ansel in the university in return for lab key, then go to lab on street 1 defeat all enemies. Finally defeat Ansel and
complete the game for credits.

How to marry people
Marry Tiffany
- Get high strength, around 150, do, Go to street 2 recieve puppy
- Take puppy to sister on street 3 by penthouse
- Take keys back to Tiffany
- Take scarf to tiffany at club late at night
- Take purse to her outside mobster tower street in the morning
- Take watch to casino and exchange for ring
- Propose to Tiffany in skys bar street at around 3 in evening

Marry Devin
- Get negative Karma,
- around 10 am go to xxx dvd store street 1, talk to her she gives u bag.
- take the bag to the red guy outside vinnies bar street 3 for switch blade
- around 10 pm at club give devin the switch blade in return for cool card
- Take cool card to vinnies muscle in vinnies bar street 3 in return for package
- Take package to Devlin in morning in police station street 1 in return for watch.
- Swap watch in casino for the ring.
- Propose to Devin in police station

Marry Kate
- Get high intelligence / strength
- Go to stickbucks in morning, talk to kate
- Take text book to green guy in U of S street 2
- Take calculator to her in skys bar at night, get pencil
- Take pencil to U of S at afternoon
- Take watch to casino trade with guy for ring
- At afternoon propose to her on steps of U of S

- lab key: Collect all 4d objects
- Gangster HQ: in afternoon on street 1 beat up the red guys standing in the square
- Mobster tower: at night street 3 outside vinnies bar beat up black guys.
- abandoned warehouse: at skys bar at night beat up guy with fight above his head.

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ice cream tester is crap, only pays 10$

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Did anyone notice a creeper from the game Minecraft at the edge? And how do you get the castle key?

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you must have the director's cut to play the full game her is the download link

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I don't know if anyone still visits this site or still sees these comments, but as a (quite) dedicated player to the game i thought i'd contribute a bit to it. Besides, i'm sure there will still be people discovering this awesome game any day and they might need a walkthrough, since (no offense) the above one is not very detailed
In the coming part i will provide info of where to get the best weapons, what are the best jobs, and some other details, including bits in the directors cut. I will not provide full info of every single weapon, or all jobs. I'll leave that part for you to discover and explore. So here goes.
1) Fists
2) Bat (Max out drug dealer)
3) Katana (Max out Video Game designer in the Xgen studio building)
4) Hammer (Buy tissue from wallmart, then go the the bar in the 2nd world at night and enter the gents toilet. Give it to the guy stuck in the toilet and he'll give you a hammer. Then, go the the bar in the third world and go to the gents toilet. You can find einstein's twin and solve the riddle (either by fighting or really answering it) if you have enough Intelligence. Then, go buy unobtainium from the pale-yellow-headed dealer in the second world behind the bar in the evening or at night. Finally, go to the Laundry shop in the first world and hand it all to the green guy)
5) Pistol (roll it in the slot machines (very low chance) or buy it from yellow-headed dealer in the second world or premium weapons dealer in the fourth world, Benjamin club)
6) Shotgun (Max out police officer)
7) Machine gun (max out Hitman in vinnie's bar in the third world)
Advanced weapons
1) Chainsaw (max out tree-cutter in the fourth world)
2) Laser sword (max out Dark Lord in the Benjamin's club (you can buy a glowy sword in the bar in the fourth world))
3) Telsa Helmet (Max out teacher in S.I.T.)
4) Plasma cannon (buy from premium weapons dealer in the Benjamin Club)
5) Flamethrower (The only thing you need to know is how to upgrade the flamethrower. I can't remember everything about the process but it should about be like this. Buy leaf-blower from the hardware store, a lighter from the yellow-headed dealer, a 40oz in the 11-7, and also (i think) a screw driver, also from the hardware store. After that, defeat the sewer king and his companions to get a sewer key, and go through the level to get a fuel cell. Pyro Perry will ask for a cheap watch, which you can get by maxing out nanobots from he premium weapons dealer in the Benjamin's club and then defeat the sewer person's underground base. Once you do, just follow the instructions of pyro perry. He'll ask you to get a 4D hypercube also, which i'll talk about later. The rest of the things pyro perry needs can either be bought in 11-7, or from the yellow-headed dealer.)
6) Minigun (Max Governmental Official(yeah, i know, WTF))
So that's it for the best weaponry. For the rest, you can find out on your own (no need to get them anyway)
From the beginning, many people go to McSticks as it requires no stats. Personally, i prefer Joe's pizza delivery, since the tips can be very large for the first week (120 from mob boss is very sufficient to keep you going). Although it requires 25 charm, you can easily get enough at first by selecting it, or drinking. If you don't have enough, go to do Mcsticks for a while. Afterwards, you can do Hitman or Doctor. Both give good income, though in my opinion, the bad jobs are a lot better than the good jobs.
The best job is the escort outside Jim's Gym in the evening even though the stats needed is very high to max it out. it gives 999 per hour, and sometimes the special income is ridiculous (22,000 to 64,000). Governmental official gives you a great weapon and also 2400 per 3 hours (i think) but the special income is not much (10,000 for taking a bribe).
Housing is not very important as getting the penthouse or the mansion is no different from the basement at first, so i recommend not getting them until very late or when you run out of patience travelling around the worlds.
Condo: 60,000 (buy from bank)
Penthouse: 270,000 (buy from bank)
Mansion: 1,000,000 (buy from bank)
Castle: Won from a Castle game in the Benjamin Club. It goes like this. You pay 1,000 to enter the game, in which the yellow box is your character. Use the arrow keys to navigate until you find the red sword. use it to kill a dragon by pressing spacebar (normal sword will not kill it). Then, pick up the key and go back the where you entered, The gate will be unlocked. Exit to win the castle. This might take a few tries so be sure to have enough money.
The fastest way to travel around is to use the hover board, which can be obtained through giving the 4 trophemon to the billionaire or the environmentalist. Giving it to the billionaire gives you money and negative karma while the environmentalist gives you charm and positive karma. I prefer the billionaire as it can really get you going with the 4,000 money.
1) Buy a $75 burger from Mcsticks and give it to the construction worker behind the university in the second world. He will give you a ladder (or just get it from the hardware store). Then, rescue the cat from the tree and give it to the old lady in the second world in the morning.
2) Buy a $75 Pizza and a milkshake in Mcsticks and go to the bar in the third world in the evening. Give it all to the DJ guy
3) Keep giving money to the guitarist in the second world in the evening. It'll use about $275 (11 tries)
4) Buy smokes, a lighter and cuban cigars from the yellow-headed dealer and give it all to Vinnie's mint-ice-cream--coloured-headed goon
The billionaire is at the end of the condo at night and the environmentalist is in the square next to your basement in the evening
In the game there are lots of fights which give you items. DO NOT GO AROUND FIGHTING IF YOU DON'T HAVE A DECENT WEAPON OR YOU WILL LOSE LOTSA MONEY. The only advice i can give is to use the laser sword and the minigun. They are the best weapons in the game. For people without the directors cut, use the katana and the doomsday glock. Pay attention that, unlike Stick Arena, all weapons do not slow the player down, so using a katana will walk as fast as using a sledge.
For boxing or chainsaw fights, i advise doing this. Run the the boundary of the area and the opponent will follow you. When he does, walk along the boundary of the area. He will follow you but since he keeps tripping on the boundary, he will be slower and cannot attack, leaving you to finish him off. It may take a few times to practice but once you manage you can get through a chainsaw fight with no damage taken.
4D objects are easily obtained as long as you have a good stat. The guide by chitown is good enough. However, if you want the Nova flamethrower you'll need an extra cube, which getting it from the Nigeria Prince is cheaper than the Dimensional Dealer. Also, the dimensional dealer is along the road, on the opposite end of the ice cream shop, not the casino. He appears there randomly, usually at night.
The marrying guide is good enough too. The only one chitown forgot is Victoria. After you get the wedding ring from any of the 3 girls, approach Victoria outside the castle in the fourth world in the afternoon. You can propose her and she will agree with no conditions.
Beginning stats
Remember what Chitown told you about putting it all into charm? Well, as a matter of fact, if you get enough money, charm is really easy to get. Marrying a women will gain charm every day and pressing O and K will gain 1 charm on the hoverboard for maximum 4 times every day
Have Fun, guys! Hope this helps.
I won't give too much details of how to play the whole game and how to finish it or it will be no fun. Note the following, however...
1) The free food card when you max out Mcsticks does not give you free food.
2) All stat-increasing objects when you max out a job only increases the stat once.
3) The best plasma rifle is OP so if you want to have fun don't buy it.
4) The S.I.T. teacher is the least recommended job. It gives about 1,500 or less in 6 hours, which means you only get about 250 per hour, nearly 4 times less than an escort.
5) When you defeat professor ansel, he will give you 3 blackholes to choose from. The one with a 2D screen brings you to Stick RPG 1 with maxed stats, which, after experiencing Stick RPG 2, you will not like. The purple black hole, as i remember, brings you back to the start of the game, except you retain the stats from your previous game, meaning if you defeated professor ansel with 2000 charm, you will appear again, talking to tutorial ted with 2000 charm. it's awesome for making the game progress quick. The last hole brings you back to the main menu.

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I got Tiffany's mission with 50 of strength, and marry the girl with 108.
lol fail.

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You should post this at XGEN forums.

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You Dont Have These Weapons (Directors Cut)

Prototype railgun - dangling pianist

auto railer 9000 - Benjamins Club

Flamethrower level 1 2 and 3 - pyro perry

electro helm - dangling pianist

Highest level electric helmet - S.I.T

The King - City Hall - Max Governor Job

MiniGuns - Dangling Pianist And Bens Club (the king IS one)

thats pretty much all of them

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yes like he said

a mini gun

the best jobe gives you 2456 or close to that it is king

you can get a light saber

you can get a chainsaw

and you can get a flamethower

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Is there a specific amount of negative karma I need to marry Devin?

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2 = 1d6
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