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1. The Basics
Ok so i bet your here to find out the secrets to Corporation Inc. If not CHANGE YOUR OBJECTIVE IN LIFE TO IT!!! Ok you use the arrow keys to move around the screen. You build a corporation by buying offices and putting staff into them.

2. The Main Screen
Through the main screen you are able to go to (these are in order from top to bottom)
1. Start A New Tower
2. Continue an already started Tower
3. See other player's towers
4. See other player's highscores
5. See the Credits
6. Go to the Armor Games main site
Also there is a button on the right to login with your Armor Games account to share, submit high scores and other things.

Game Screen
The basic screen consists of the playing area, which is able to hold 120 floors and also hold 9 single offices on a floor.
In the bottom bar you have the Menu, where you can access game options, cheat code enter, and other options. You have the sound button who meaning needs not be explained. Next to that you have the freeze button, its like the pause button. You next have the time of day over a bar that tells the overall happiness of the tower. You next see the speed, which you can set from 1x-6x. Finally, you have the number of employees at your tower.

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