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Here's the deal, try to get to the 12 using as few boosts possible, then you paste here the modified map to see how many boost you used. heres the initial map
-18 1i 18 1i 7q 1i 8o 18,7q 1i 9c u,-18 1i -68 1i -6s 1i -92 5k -fa 5k -uu 5k -17c 5k -17c a,68 1i 8o 18,6i 1i 9c u,cq 1i 21k 1i 294 -18,21k 1i 2am -1s,1qo 1i 22i 18,1r2 1i 236 u,1rc 1i 244 k,1s0 1i 252 a,1sk 1i 25m 0,1t8 1i 26a -a,1ts 1i 278 -k,1ug 1i 286 -u,1ve 1i 294 -18,20c 1i 29o -1i,210 1i 2ba -26,2gk 26 2ng 26,2gk 26 2gk 0,2lu 26 2lu 0,2lu 26 2qu 26 2qu a,2qu 26 30i 26 30i a,30i 26 366 26 366 a,366 26 3b6 26 3bg k,3b6 26 3gq 26 3gq k,3gq 26 3lg 26 3lg k,3lg 26 3q6 26 3q6 k,3q6 26 3tu 26 3tu k,3tu 26 42a 26 42a k,42a 26 46c 26 46c k,46c 26 4b2 26,-f0 5k -8o 5a,-em 5k -8o 50,-ec 5k -8e 4m,-do 5k -8e 4c,-d4 5k -84 42,-cg 5k -84 3o,-bs 5k -7q 3e,-b8 5k -7q 34,-ak 5k -7g 2q,-a0 5k -76 2g,-9c 5k -76 26,-122 5k -17c 5a,-12m 5k -17c 50,-13a 5k -17c 4m,-13u 5k -17c 4c,-148 5k -17c 42,-14i 5k -17c 3o,-14s 5k -17c 3e,-156 5k -17c 34,-15g 5k -17c 2q,-15q 5k -17c 2g,-164 5k -17c 26,-16e 5k -17c 1s,-16o 5k -17c 1i,-172 5k -17c 18,-14i -2g -uk -2g -114 -7q -12m -a0,-148 -2g -uk -2q,-13u -2g -uu -34,-13k -2g -uu -3e,-13a -2g -v8 -3o,-130 -2g -v8 -42,-12m -2g -vi -4c,-12c -2g -vi -4m,-122 -2g -vs -4m,-11o -2g -vs -50,-11e -2g -vs -5a,-114 -2g -106 -5k,-10q -2g -10g -68,-10g -2g -10q -76,-106 -2g -114 -7q,-vs -2g -11e -84,-vi -2g -11o -8e,-v8 -2g -122 -8o,-uu -2g -12m -9m,-10q -7q -10q -7g,-180 -1i -1c2 -1i -1c2 -5k,-18a -1i -1c2 -1s,-18k -1i -1c2 -26,-18u -1i -1c2 -2g,-198 -1i -1c2 -2q,-19i -1i -1c2 -34,-19s -1i -1c2 -3e,-1a6 -1i -1c2 -3o,-1ag -1i -1c2 -42,-1aq -1i -1c2 -4c,-1b4 -1i -1c2 -4m,-1be -1i -1c2 -50,-1bo -1i -1c2 -5k,4eg 50 4b2 50 27s 1hm 228 1es,2dg 1du 27i 1hc,2ci 1ei 26u 1h2,2c8 1es 260 1go,2bk 1f6 25c 1ge,2ba 1fg 24o 1g4,2am 1fq 244 1fq,2ac 1g4 23g 1fg,29o 1ge 22s 1f6,29e 1go 228 1es,28q 1h2 228 1es,28g 1hc 21u 1es,4eg 50 51i 50 51i -3e,4ni 50 51i 4c,4o6 50 50u 3o,4oq 50 51i 34,4qc 50 51i 2q,4ra 5a 51i 1s,4tg 50 51s a,4vc 50 52g -1s#2id 1r 2l1 1q,2jm 1r 2jm 3 2j4 g,2ng k 2pc k 2ng 1s 2pc 1i,2sq a 2uc a 2to u 2uc 1i 2sq 1i,32o 0 32e 1i 340 1i 340 -a 340 3e,390 0 36q 0 36q k 390 k 390 1i 36g 1i,3eu -a 3dc 18 3ek 26 3eu 1i 3dm k,3im 0 3k8 0 3jk 1s,3jk u 3ju u,3mo 18 3ok -k,3mo -k 3oa u 3nm 1i,3nc 1i 3mo 18,3n2 -a 3nm -18 3ok -k,3t0 -u 3re -k 3re a 3sm a,3t0 -u 3t0 26,3v6 18 3vg -u,40o 18 40o -u 41m -u 41m 18 40o 18,43i 1i 43i -18,44q u 44q -18,4b2 k 4b2 26 4b2 k,47k 1i 47u -u 49g -k 488 1i 4a4 1i,4b2 50 4b2 26,-168 r -169 -1r,-17h -17 -16b -2q -14v -r#S 2am -2q

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