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Hey, i thought of a great idea. what if what we chose made the armatars? like in the game D&D, there are paragon paths and epic destinys. they basicly choose what you are and what specificly you are. so maybe, with the pictures, you pick a choice and it determains what you get as an armatar!!! for example, you pick assassain. you get a few pics of shadows and blades. good idea? plz comment!

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I think that we should be able to see all Armatars if we get to a certain point of reputation or karma.

I don't like how if we choose a path we won't be able to see them all.

Also, you're going to have to tell Dan this since he handles all the Armatar business, from what I've read in other threads.
You should leave this idea on his profile page.

Who's going to draw them? AG does have to pay people to make the Armatars.

Also, I don't completely understand 'aths'. What do you mean by that? Like we have our account then choose the role-playing path?

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