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Hello , I currently beat gemcraft labyrinth endurance mode with all the hardest setting , without letting a single monster reach my orb , without any hack/slow/whatever.

Here are a few of my tips.

1- Anger anger anger anger , Anger waves as much as you can as soon as you can. I like to anger 10 times with gems grade 2 wich gives me around +96 monsters.

2- Build a 3x3 tower/amplifier that looks like that :


Use Yellow/Green gems with yellow/green amplifiers. At around grade 12 gems use yellow only to upgrade the level on your dual gems.

Build (5 to 10 depending) Shrine and make a lot of gem grade 5 .

Send all waves at once that you angered 10-15 times. Just dont go at very high armor level anger as much as you can . Try to get +296 monsters per waves.

When all monsters are on map , drop all gem grade 5 on shrines that hits most monsters.

You will earn so many mana its insane, usually a wave has 4 monsters , but you get 290x that mana per wave.

Et voila if you survive your first wave, you should be able to have massive mana pool , make gems grade 12 like pie and start dropping gems grade 12 on shrine.

Repeat until you beat all endurance levels. all 1337.

once you have a gem grade 18 it will start to be super easy. personally i made a level 21 gem that had these stats ( approximative)

400.000-700.000 damage
100% chance to hit for 150x damage
100% chance to hit 47 target

At this point its win. Enjoy

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