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So I know that this may be over used but maybe we could have a clan system in the AGv3 system? Basically this idea is that you could make you own clan and have your own name in which you could have separate events withing the clan.
Even newer ranks for people in a clan such as:

Clan Leader
Clan Advisor
Clan Member
Clan Organizer
Clan Associate
So on and so forth.

Clan Leader:
Basically runs the clan and can "kick" people out of a clan or "ban" them from a clan. So no they're not Mods or Admins but they just keep the clan under control.

Clan Advisor:
Basically helps with enforcing the rules of the clan and the site to newbies. Also can Advise a member of the clan to go to someone else if needed.

Clan Member:
Just a normal member nothing really special about them. They can be "kicked" or "banned" from a clan. Will really make up the majority of the clan.

Clan Organizer:
This is where some of the fun would come in. They could suggest fun ideas for the clan to do. Such as playing a muliplayer game with just your clan members. They would normally set up the event and do alot of the organizing for the game. Such as a tournament for the clan.

Clan Associate:
Just about anyone who is Associated with the clan but not really in the clan. Even if they're in another clan. When your an Associate I would just suggest that you put which clans they're associated with on their profile.

Now I was think that close to the persons name when they're on the forums you could put which clan they're in. Also somewhere on their profile.

Now I was think that for a clan they could have a bit of their own forum. Not as intricate as our just on community and maybe a few different categories but not as many as the main one. So that they can make their own activites without cluttering up the forums.

Also I was think maybe clan compettions at random times, but this would not be necessary.

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