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as title says, I am wondering if I should upgrade to flash 8
Put out like that, the question seems pretty easy to understand, but it goes further than just that. My situation is quite perticular. The is a summary below if you don't want to read it all.

Few weeks ago, I spent the day at my father's work in a govermental institution for a special project. During that day, i made a really good impression on his boss, so i have been given a free copy (non hacked) of flash MX 2004 pro (flash 7), english version. Now, just in front of me, i have the french version of flash 8, free and non-hacked too. The problem is, its in french. Personally, I am french, but the problem is that the majority of the world is english, wich would make most tutorials incompatible, creating a hell for me, considering that i have only few experience in flash programing.

to sumarize, switching from V 7 to V8 of flash will create me a ton of problems, but are the advantages of flash 8 so immense that i should get over it and still uprage

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